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August 21, 2015

A new term came on the real estate scene several years
ago and has trickled down into the decorating world:


That's right.  Temporarily "dress" your home to look its best.

Bare before:
Staged after:

Is it really worth the effort to play dress up with an empty house that you're trying to sell?  According to the Real Estate Staging Association (of course, stagers have their own association), here are some facts you might not know:

o  staged properties spend 73% less time on the market than empty ones (wow!)

o  staged properties typically sell for more than those left empty

o  more staged homes make it to the buyers' "must see" list

o  staged homes are viewed as "well maintained" more often than empty ones

o  Buyers ask for fewer concessions from sellers' staged homes

If you're thinking about selling your home, those are some very compelling reasons to stage it.

So let's take this opportunity to have a Before & After Staging Friday.  What do you think?

Jewel tones aren't for everyone.  This seller's realtor suggested repainting
in a neutral color and removing the personal photos in the bookcase:

Yikes.  This bedroom looks starkly neglected:
 So much nicer after the staging, isn't it?

The beautiful windows were hidden behind the frilly curtains:
So much more dramatic!

Sometimes staging can be as simple as de-cluttering the kitchen countertop:
I like the added touch of hanging a print over the stove.

Staging makes this look like two different houses:

Inviting now, isn't it?

Look how much more sophisticated this sun porch
looks after a professional staging consultation:

So, how does staging work?  There are a couple of ways - DIY or use a professional staging company.  For the DIY-ers, begin by removing everything from the room then gradually start adding your own select pieces of furniture and accessories.  Professional staging companies actually rent entire rooms of furniture to match the style of your home, usually at reasonable prices.

Most home buyers would probably walk right back out the door:
 The kitchen, now, makes you want to stay a while:

Staging took this property from a Frat House look:
 to a lovely traditional home:

A professional stager will come to your home and use pieces
of furniture that you already have or suggest changes.


Staging can turn a blank room into a view of possibilities for potential buyers.


The key to marketing your home is to take as
much of your personality out of it as possible.

This  condo went from looking like one
large play room to a chic home:
Amazing difference.

The only thing that stayed the same is the fireplace:

Just replacing the comforter made
a huge difference in this bedroom:

Huge.  Blank.  Space.

If you're selling your home consider hiring a staging
consultant.  It might just pay off in the end.

1 comment:

  1. I used to stage homes all the time for friends, my x and when I sold real estate.
    When no money was available... clean up the home, remove clutter and get the bedrooms
    and bathrooms all scrubbed up and smelling great.
    Wonderful photos.

    cheers, parsnip