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August 3, 2015

Is there a Habitat For Humanity ReStore (thrift store) in your area?

'Cause after reading today's Repurposeful Monday post you're probably
going to try and find one.  We're all about upcycling cabinet doors today.

Precious headboard lamps!

Cabinet doors are very sturdy.  This heavy stained
glass creation was beautifully framed in one.

It's hard to believe that this rustic picture frame
started out as a cabinet door:

An old chess set and a cabinet door, before:

Entertaining is so much easier when you
have a sturdy serving tray:


What a great idea - a chalkboard and a snack tray.

If you have leftover chalkboard paint and an extra cabinet door
consider making a colorful family message board:


Chicken wire and cabinet door frames were combined
to make a clever organization station:

Such a sweet, inspirational wall hanging.

This jewelry organizer makes good use of mis-matched drawer and cabinet pulls:

It's clear from this shot that cabinet doors have so much potential:

Two doors . . . . . . 
 . . . . .  were used to make a sandwich message board:


What an adorable bench for children or dolls.

Habitat For Humanity ReStores really are great sources for used
(and sometimes new!) cabinet doors.  It really is satisfying to make
something decorative and useful out of something that's been discarded.

Have a great Monday!

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  1. such amazingly clever ideas that I would never have thought of... but how easy too, to make them up like that... very inspirational.. thank you so much for sharing..