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January 14, 2014

You're right - it has been a while since we asked,

What were they thinking?!

I've always wondered what a life-size
Monopoly house would look like.

Ummmm . . . . $1,430 for a radiator chair?
Web Urbanist
I think not.

The first time I glanced at this vase I
thought it was a Halloween skeleton:

Even enlarged it still looks as if it's frowning:

Now for a walk down memory lane.  Remember
a little show on TLC called Trading Spaces?
The Cabana: Hildi wanted to create an "oasis," but really it was just a bunch of sand on the floor of a room that was painted like a circus tent.
Hildi was unquestionably the most unconventional (i.e., daffy)
designer on the show.  She once created an 'oasis' which basically
was a floor covered in sand with walls painted like a circus tent.

And remember the time she glued hay to a wall?Needless to say, the homeowners were not happy with the end result. The removal took 17 hours and was reportedly paid for by the production company.
Did anyone ever check to see if Hildi was a licensed decorator?!

Ironically, there seems to be an exponential imbalance
between the ugliness of a wallpaper and its cost.
Architectural Digest

Am I the only one who expects to see slot machines
in this bathroom?  What happens in Vegas . . . . . .

 When I look at these next two photos
I feel as if I'm in an aquarium:

That's either the biggest kitty litter box I've ever seen
or someone has taken the beach theme waaaay too far.

Well, I guess if you've going to sit on the
throne it might as well be on a stage:

Seriously?!  Now we can't even go to the
bathroom to get away from technology?

And from the exercise industry:
GoFit 75 cm Professional Stability Ball with DVD - Dick's Sporting Goods  


Weber® Smokey Joe® Silver Charcoal Grill


Posting an interesting blog every day is a challenge.  I don't
need the added stress of doing it while balancing on a ball.

Displaying a few WWII model airplanes is fine but
not so many that I feel is I'm being dive-bombed:
NOTE to ELLE DECOR: you lost your credibility with me
when you slipped the Nazi flag into the background.  I don't care
that it's part of the collection.

Yes, I love molding.  I just don't want
to feel as if I'm in a geometry problem.

Did the homeowner say to the designer,
"I want them eating out of my hand"?!

  Hands down, this last photo is the WORST example of 'edgy' design:

No, you don't need to see your ophthalmologist, you're not having
vision problems.  This 'creation' is titled Shaking by the late New
York artist Richard Phillips.  He explained, "I want people to feel
uncomfortable when they view it."  Goal accomplished!


  1. OH MY GOSH. YUCK to it all...that was one scary post. I remember Heidi and TS! She was so bad! I think her goal is to just tick people off. She does it every time. What's up with the sand in the tub? No bathing in there.

    1. I would get so frustrated watching her on the show - remember the time she wallpapered the kitchen of a minister with wine labels? He and his wife hated it but were so polite. I would imagine that the NUMBER ONE rule of a professional decorator is: Know Your Audience (client)!

  2. Hildi was the worst! How can anyone forget the straw wall?

    1. Maybe Hildi's goal all along was to be memorable 'cause it sure wasn't to please her clients. I always felt sorry for the show's 'contestants' who got her for a decorator.

  3. what???? although I'm kind of ok with the brown malachite room :-)

    1. I'm such a traditionalist that all of today's photos just scare me!

  4. too much ... in everywhere !
    I'm dizzy ... anyway it's curious

    1. Decorating can be very expensive and (at least at our house) I'm stuck with what I buy for a long time. Today's examples of design are so unacceptable that it's ridiculous. Those wallpaper pictures say to be me that the homeowners just went along with what a decorator recommended. I'm not that edgy!

  5. Jan, all I can say is YIKEES! I'm on my way to take something for this headache. Oh the wall paper makes me dizzzzzzzzy.

    1. Isn't it terrible? I couldn't find how much it sold for at auction but, apparently, it was a lot. What a waste of money!