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January 6, 2014

Good (Repurposeful) Monday Morning!

There's an acronym that perfectly describes repurposing and I'm going
to throw it into the post today.  The acronym?  OOAK - One of a Kind!

DREAM SIGN Recycled - Repurposed - Upcycled DREAM License Plate Wall Hanging

Aren't these OOAK car tags cute?

Salvaged metal was used to make these over-sized
letters that are anchored to bicycle chain bases:  
Vintage Letter N - Metal Industrial Letters - Large Letter - Upcycled Recycled Repurposed
Metal Industrial Letters - Letter S - Large Industrial letters - Recycled Metal Letter - Upcycled Recycled Repurposed   Metal Industrial Letters - Letter T - Large Industrial letters - Recycled Metal Letter - Upcycled Recycled Repurposed
I love these letters.  They'd make great bookends, wouldn't they?

Oh, my gosh - here's a book that actually IS a bookend!
ALPHABET LETTER (Z)  Book Art, OoAK, Shabby Chic Decor, UPcycled  REcycled REpurposed, Altered Book, Engagement Gift, Bookshelf Decor

Repurposing is all about thinking outside
the box or, in this case, outside the bowl:
 Upcycling ideas make unique and economical gifts.  If you know
someone who collects Pyrex find an old piece to make them a lamp.

And here's a charming and unique use of spoons:
The bowls of vintage tea spoons were snipped off and the handles
were smoothed down to make these beautiful and exotic hair sticks.

Birdseed is packaged in heavy-duty plastic bags that
can be sewn into sturdy, colorful tote bags:
VALUE PRICED SMALL Upcycled Recycled Repurposed  Grocery Market Tote or Gift Bag for Bird Lovers

A pair of rifle bullet casings were used to
make these OOAK cuff links:
30-30 Rifle Bullet Cuff Links Brass Shell Recycle Repurpose Upcycle - Free Shipping to USA

Old buttons take on a beautiful patina that you just don't find in new
buttons.  It only took a dozen to make this CHARM-ing bracelet:
OOAK Vintage Buttons Metal Bracelet Recycled Material Silver Beige Sewing Upcycled Repurposed Funky Seamstress Circle Mixed Media Jewelry

If you find yourself with a few odd and end pieces of a
chess set consider turning them into classy key chains:
Customize! - 2 Chess Piece key-chains set - Choose from: knight bishop tower pawn (recycled/upcycled/reclaimed/repurposed key fob key-ring)
Your move!

What can you make with a coffee can, a 'found' funnel,
and measuring spoons?  A birdhouse, of course.
Coffee Can Birdhouse, Tin Can Birdhouse, Reclaimed Funnel, Whimsical Birdhouse, Blue Repurposed Can, Kitchen Birdhouse, Upcycled, Recycled

1)  Everyone needs to know what time it is and
2)  Everyone should love china:
Vintage briar rose 1960's china clock, FREE DELIVERY to Australia and New Zealand, upcycled recycled repurposed in Western Australia

Vintage woodland 1960's china clock, FREE DELIVERY to Australia and New Zealand, upcycled recycled repurposed in Western Australia

Walnut Hollow Clock Making Kit 1/4 Inch Value Pack
I found this clock making kit on eBay for $7.99 but you can
pick one up for a little more at Walmart and not pay the shipping.

Okay, what is it?!
Handmade Geekery Wall Clock Upcycled Repurposed Computer Motherboard Unique Office Home Decor Recycled Housewarming Gift Anniversary Wedding
We might just coin a new expression:  flea Geek!
I'm guessing that this is a mother board clock?

Hand crafted hot rod desk or mantle clock using repurposed engine/car parts. This is the "Gear Drive" clock.
Repurposed engine parts were used to make
this sleek and sophisticated Gear Drive clock.

Let's shift gears and look at some of the cute
things you can make from repurposed blue jeans:
Repurposed Denim Jeans Apron
How 'bout a darling denim apron or . . . . .

Market Grocery Tote Bag Repurposed Denim with Poly Webbing Handles Large Size
. . . .  a soft shopping tote or . . . . . . 

Denim Baby Bibs Set of Two Repurposed Reclaimed Demin Baby Bibs Baby Shower Gift Save the Earth
. . . . .  a pair of precious bibs . . . . 

Wedding Ring Pillow - Rustic Chic - Denim - Beach Cottage - Blue - Repurposed - Vintage - Stripes
. . . . a denim flower on a rustic pillow . . . . . 

Repurposed  Blue Denim & Vintage Grain Sack Messenger Bag
. . . . maybe a messenger bag with a grain sack flap . . . .

Wine Bottle Gift Bag (Repurposed Denim)    Wine Bottle Gift Bag (Repurposed Denim)
. . . .  or a wine gift bag?!  Yes, there are so
many things you can make from a pair of jeans.

We all buy gifts throughout the year so why not make them OOAK,
personal gifts?  And if we save a little money, so much the better.


  1. I like the sound of that!!! Beautiful ideas!!!

  2. I love the Denim apron, the Denim bibs and the denim flowers on the cushion. I love it when people use any of the Alphabets as decor. Thanks for sharing.

  3. The best whishes and happy New Year:)!
    Greatings from Poland!

  4. I went through a period when I was making all kinds of things from my son's old denim jeans....Then lo and behold, old jeans with holes, and frayed edges became popular...and my son would not give up his old jeans....Kids???

  5. Love the coffee can birdhouse, the denim flower and wine bags, and the button bracelet! Such cute ideas! xo Karen

  6. You just gave me some ideas for clocks. And I love the bookends.

  7. Hmm. Jeans. I didn't realize there was so much you could do with them.

  8. SOooooo Many SWEET Ideas!
    Happy Creating in 2014!

  9. I like that pair of precious baby bibs and that clock as well. All the ideas here are very brilliant. And I totally agree that there are so many things you can make from a pair of jeans. Everything is lovely!