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January 7, 2014

Lovely winter scene

Sending a shout out to all fleaChic readers who are caught in the deep freeze sweeping the country.  Stay warm and safe indoors and don't take unnecessary weather risks.

Not to sound callous but accidents are not only painful, they're time consuming and expensive.  And they make you mad at yourself.

As long as we're stuck inside today we might as well be practical and check out some miscellaneous T&M (time and money) saving tips.

Anyone who has or has ever had Legos
in their life needs to see this:
Include a mesh bag with the next Legos gift you
give.  The recipient's parents will thank you!

Speaking of Legos, here is a cute and inexpensive idea
for storing the jillions of pieces that come in each  set:

Oh, spray paint and permanent markers, you
make my life so much more interesting.

How to dry tennis shoes:
throw them in the dryer and listen to the sound of a team
of Clydesdales stampeding your laundry room OR:

You're right - I should have posted this next idea before the holidays.
But it's still "penguin weather" (as my grandfather use to say)
and this is a great craft idea for young ones stuck indoors: 

Ever heard the term wrap rage?  Some doctors call it package rage - the anger and frustration you feel when trying to open a hard-plastic wrapped item.  According to the AMA, consumers suffer thousands of cuts a year trying to open difficult packaging.  Here's an easy solution to the problem:
Why didn't I think of that?!

Am I the only person in the civilized
world to not have known this trick?!

Got a pair of flats you're willing to let the kids experiment with?
How proud would they be to know that Mom wore one of
their creations and extended the life of her shoes?  Or maybe
they have a pair of shoes that needs a little artistic improvement?

I hope today's Practical Tuesday Tips added a little interest to your day.
Friends, please stay safe and warm indoors 'til the worst of the Winter weather passes.


  1. great tips..especially the staying warm one!

    1. My daughter and her family are in Minneapolis and it's misery outdoors for them. Here in the South we escaped the worst of the bitter cold. Hope you're warm, too! -- Jan

  2. I hope I remember these I love them all, I will write them down, you keep safe and warm!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Laurie. The sun is shining so at least the skies aren't dreary and bleak - just frigid!!

  3. I'm loving that sneaker tip for the dryer. That's a great idea. I'm also pleased to say that I have always used the wine glass/goblet idea for chips and dip. It started with some pink depression dishes my Grandmother gave me that were so unusual I didn't know what to do with them. I'm not totally clueless after

    1. I have to be honest - the wine glass dip holder was a new one for me. And it's so practical. I love depression glass - it's so symbolic of a simpler time. -- Jan

  4. What a gorgeous snow shot and I am loving all these cute ideas. Wish I knew about that Lego tip when my boys were young - I used to soak them in the sink. Keep cozy. xo

    1. Remember walking through the house barefooted and stepping on at least a dozen pieces of Legos?! I use to soak my kids' Legos, too, but this mesh bag makes it so much easier. Stay warm! -- Jan

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