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January 3, 2014

Today is the first Before & After Friday of the New Year
and, boy, do I have some great photos to share with you.

Winter is the perfect time to undertake indoor updates and makeovers.
It's cold outside but you can heat up the interior with some hot new decor.

Our first example is this sophisticated bedroom 'after it's after':
Before                                                 After 

And this homeowner charmingly converted a home office back
into a guest room.  Just a little effort produced major changes:
View 1:

View 2:
Before                                      After

Here's another example of how a few subtle
changes can bring about dramatic results:
Before                                                     After
You don't hear much about sisal rugs anymore
but this one looks great in the dining room.

When this house went on the market the
decor was dated and, well, yucky:

So much nicer now:
Love those hardwood floors.

Doesn't this mud room look so much more organized now?
Sawdust Girl

These next few transformations are the kind I like
best - converting unused space into livable space.

The foyer of this townhouse had a ridiculously
tall ceiling with hard-to-clean windows:
Apartment Therapy
The homeowners cleverly extended the 2nd floor
over the foyer and created a wonderful play area.

The attic/loft of this beach bungalow was
transformed into living space with a view:

A neglected storage closet:

 was renovated into a darling loft bedroom:
Apartment Therapy
Amazing conversion, isn't it?

Nate and Michele are an energetic young couple who purchased their
first home with plans to renovate it from top to bottom, inside and out.

Let's take a partial pictorial tour of their lovely home:

Before                                                        After

Before                                                   After

Powder Room
Before                                         After

Front Porch
Before                                              After

Curb View
Before                                                 After

Such beautiful results after a lot of hard work.  Click here to
view additional photos of Nick's and Michele's renovations.

I've saved the most spectacular makeover for last -
the basement of a New York City townhouse:
 The 'before' is so terrible that I can hardly bear to look at it!

Stunning!  Who could have envisioned such amazing results?

Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope your
first weekend of 2014 is productive and fun!


  1. The house with the green door... what's with the before walls! Good for the homeowner for seeing past the yuck! Heading over to Nate and Michele's blog - looks gorgeous!

    1. I can't imagine any time when that look was popular - it's almost as if they decorated with Sponge Bob in mind! -- Jan

  2. Oh dear, my head is hurting with so many lovey before and after's....I getting inspired my the minute. Can't do BIG things like this in our little rental cottage...but it sure gives me some good ideas for decorating and cute little touches. Thanks.

    1. I'm always inspired by the little things people do to make their nest comfy and homey. And it's usually the simple, personal things that make the biggest statements. I'm so glad you enjoyed today's post! -- Jan

  3. Oh this motivates me so much to get cracking on painting and redoing my place as cheaply as possible. :-)

    1. Before and After projects are my absolute favorite topics to post - they're so motivating and inspiring. Sometimes the simplest changes bring about the most dramatic results. I've said for years that one can of paint can completely change a room. Good luck and take Before and After photos! -- Jan

  4. Enjoy them all but the den shot I have to say I like the before one better. It looks so warm and much more inviting.
    To my eye it look so out of place. Hopefull it is mislabled ?

    cheers, parsnip

    1. I feel the same way about the den - when I came across their site I thought the 'before' was the 'after'! Thanks for stopping by, Jan

  5. I don't know which one is my favorite. Must be all of them. Truly amazing makeovers and that basement is just stunning.

    1. That basement transformation blew my mind. Talk about vision - those homeowners must have worked their fannies off! -- Jan

  6. I love great “before and afters”! Always wonderful inspiration for me. I do love the basement make-over.

    The French Hutch

  7. I love these transformations - especially the one from Curbly and Design Sponge! We are almost done with our office/guest room re-do. Can't wait to get from the before to the after : )

  8. Hello Jan,
    I really love your creative ideas to sharing with us. I love all the before and after. I just encourage me to do things for my house someday. I don't regret to check on your amazing blog, thanks for following me and I follow you back.

  9. I love them all. The before and after conditions are totally opposite. They did a terrific job.