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January 20, 2014

Vintage Linen Dish Towel with Embroidered Cat Doing LaundryAs unconventional as the 1960's were, some things were set in concrete - Mondays were ALWAYS laundry days and dinner was ALWAYS meatloaf.

So today's Repurposeful Monday is all
about - what else?  Meatloaf?  No, silly, laundry!  Or, rather, repurposing ideas from the laundry room.

How crazy amazing is this vintage zinc sink?

Do you know what this is?
Urban Gypsy Repurposed Laundry Pin Mr Peanut Free by modartifax, $25.00
Eons ago if you took your laundry to a dry cleaner's they
tagged your bag of laundry with a numbered brass pin.  

Old crib rails make ingenious drying racks:
Indoor Laundry Rack From A Repurposed Playpen Or Crib

Antique metal wash bowls are very versatile:
Repurposed Enamelware Tiered Stand by

Old Porcelain Piece & Old Cast Iron Claw into a sweet flower basin for the garden!!
Patti's Artful Design
A vintage porcelain sink sitting on rustic cast
iron claw feet makes a charming planter.

Painted tins are great for holding laundry supplies:
Laundry Room round primitive Shaker Boxes 5 piece set

Next time you're at a yard sale or thrift shop and
spy the top of a china hutch remember this idea:
You do know that you can spray paint washers and
dryers?  Who says a laundry room can't be interesting?!

Look what you can do with a piece of scrap wood:
Etsy Source
Cute!  Cute!!  Cute!!!
Laundry Room Decor - Seeking Sole Mates
Etsy Source

Wood sign, Laundry room schedule, wash, fold, iron, funny humor
Etsy Source

In our house it's finder's keepers when it comes to change in the pockets - 
KEEP THE CHANGE - Laundry room decor
Etsy Source

The staple of every laundry room is the iron.  Unfortunately,
our ancestors didn't have the luxury of simply plugging in an iron:
old iron. I have had this for years. I even forgot where I got it.
Do you know how these irons were used?  They were set
on a hot cast iron stove til they were hot then used carefully
until they cooled down then it was back on the stove.

I love this old iron as a bookend. This blog post from The T-Cozy is called "For the Love of Vintage Books."
The T Cozy

Compact Bachelor Haven in Moscow Defined by the Mix of Modern with Retro - love the vintage iron book holder

An old iron that has retired from its former duties finds new life as a bookend!
Polly Infatuated

This antique iron is quite intimidating:
old iron
Etsy Source
Imagine the workout you'd get using these beasts!
huge old iron

When your arm got tired from lifting one of these behemoths,
you'd need an iron plate to rest the hot iron on:
Knick of Time: Repurposed Vintage
They're getting kind of hard to find.

The precursor to the plain iron plate is the iron trivet:
Re-purpose old trivets as wall decor! | Something to be Savored
Something To Be Savored
If you don't want to hang one in it's original rustic state you
can spray paint it.  They really do make beautiful accent pieces.

Black Sad Iron Trivet Colebrookdale Pa. Crown and Gothic Cross Design Steampunk Home Decor Vintage
Etsy Source

Another repurposed ironing board
Don't toss that old metal ironing board - using
magnets, it'll make a great bulletin board.

Before the advent of lightweight metal,
ironing boards were made of wood.

Cool idea - a vintage wooden ironing board as a console table.... Not really into the metal shelf thing on the wall though.
Centsational Girl

Great DIY Sign Ideas :: Petticoat Junktion's clipboard on Hometalk :: Hometalk | best stuff          A creative way to repurpose an old wooden ironing board. Paint it as a colonial flag and hang it.

Old wooden ironing board in hallway as an entry table, perfect for cottage style home decor; Upcycle, Recycle, Salvage, diy, thrift, flea, repurpose!  For vintage ideas and goods shop at Estate ReSale & ReDesign, Bonita Springs, FL

This ironing board makes a charming and compact desk. 

Painted vintage ironing board as sideboard or entry table.
A vintage painted ironing board makes an efficient serving station.

Looking for a unique idea for a garden or herb planter?

Antique Wood Folding Ironing Board Made by budsinthebriar on Etsy, $99.00

Even popular online shops such as World Market
are getting into the vintage laundry movement:
Laundry room
World Market

Let's face it - laundry is a permanent part of our lives.
We might as well do it in style!


  1. Great post. I have two teenaged boys and the mountain of laundry is forever growing. Just when the pile is done, another pile shows up. To make matters worse, my washer and dryer are in my KITCHEN!!!

    I'd love a laundry room!

  2. I enjoyed my trip through your laundrying day. I remember some of the things you showed and have one of the flat irons that my mother heated on a stove. Oh how things have progressed since those days.

  3. My DIL still used my mother's wooden ironing an ironing board... Cute laundry ideas.

  4. I love the wooden Ironing boards.
    I really don't iron much anymore.... lovely.
    Wonderful post today

    cheers, parsnip

  5. I still use a wooden ironing board, only about once a week these days though. Does that date me, haha? And I have an iron trivet, painted red, it might look nice on my kitchen wall maybe.
    I've enjoyed your post.


  6. Love the laundry pictures you have. I remember seeing the iron on my grandfather's old coal/wood kitchen when I was small. I wish I had some of the architectural pieces from that kitchen. I loved that house.