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January 24, 2014

After the wonderful black and white Victorian photos we
viewed this week I have to devote today's Before and
After Friday to Historic Home Renovations.

Mark and Lisa Hellman spent over a year restoring their upstate New
York treasure.  Their progress was documented at Country Living.

Their 'before' photo is almost painful:
rotting yellow house

But how amazing is their 'after'?!

Here are before and after photos of the staircase renovation:
Country Living
Great job, Mark and Lisa!

Not many homeowners are lucky enough to have a photograph
of their historic home in it's original condition.  The photo, below,
was taken in 1944 of a Colonial style home that was built in 1922. 

Here is a photo that the current owners took when they bought it in 2007:

And the photo they took in 2009 upon completion of the restoration:


Windom Construction of Atlanta specializes in older home restorations.
Here are two examples of their work on a couple of Southern beauties:
Before                                                                   After
512   ext rear before

Before                                                                    After
512   ext front before copy  
Windom Construction

One of the most challenging aspects of a restoration is
keeping the integrity of an historic home while improving
its amenities to accommodate a 21st century family. 

Brackmann Construction of Belton, MO, enhanced the beauty of
this century-old home while improving the living conditions.

Historic Renovations in Kansas City
Homeowners have a difficult decision between restoring an older home
to its original condition and updating it for today's lifestyle.  If it's a choice
between tearing down the home and building a new one or updating it, I'll
choose updating it every time.

Acorn Custom Builders of Naperville, IL, specialize in renovating
historic homes.  Here are just a few projects from their portfolio:
Before                                                    After
Craftsman Bungalow Addition     Craftsman Bungalow Renovation

Before                                                       After

Before                                                       After
Acorn Custom Builders

Normandy Remodeling of Hinsdale, IL, also specializes in older
home renovations.  They did an excellent job on this house, didn't they?

 Normandy Remodeling

Last year the folks at hgtv spent 6 months moving, rebuilding and
renovating an historic homestead for their vacation giveaway home. 

The original historic homestead:

was stripped down:

moved to a coastal location and elevated on piers:

added on to and covered with siding: 

The reveal:

HGTV Historic Home Renovation
  Gorgeous!  Click here to view 90 photos of the entire process.

wish I had a photo of the original condition of today's last project.
Believe it or not, the house is actually over 100 years old.  

This, above, was restored back into

but was recently converted into:

this, the latest 'renovation':
What I don't understand is why the owners didn't just build
a contemporary home from scratch instead of converting
an historic home into something so modern.  Maybe in 50 years
the new owners will convert it back to its former beauty - if
they can figure out what it was.

Thanks for stopping by today.
Have a great weekend and stay warm!


  1. Wow, that last one is quite a shock! I agree, why would you buy that lovely old house and convert it so drastically?

  2. I love before and after photos and these were amazing!

  3. Wow those were some major renovations - what an undertaking! I will check back to try to view the last renovation because for some reason my computer is letting me view all but the last one...ah, the suspense!

  4. Those are some neat pics....I love to see what people will do with a house. Ours is a challenge to say the least we have come to the conclusion that tearing down the front of the house will be more cost effective than trying to restore it. It has been falling down for years but I think what will go in it's place will be even more beautiful and will give the land back what it originally had in the first place. A log home!

  5. I have to agree about the last house. I would have loved it in the "before" state.