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January 16, 2014

After posting a tutorial on rooting plant and shrub clippings yesterday,
it's only right to follow up with a Before & After Garden Friday!

Better Homes & Gardens has been a premiere source for gardening
ideas since 1922.  Take a look at a few of their recent projects:

(Honestly, I thought the 'before' shed was nice!)
Before                                                             After
Before: Basic Outdoor Shed       After: Garden Shed with Extra Storage

Before                                                  After
BEFORE: Empty Bed       AFTER: Lush Planting

Even a small area of the backyard
has potential for a BIG impact:
Before                                                 After
BEFORE: Unkempt Corner       AFTER: Beautiful Backdrop

BEFORE: An Unsightly Air Conditioner       AFTER: A Lush, Low-Care Planting

No renovation is completely finished until the landscaping is also re-done:
Before                                             After
This Old House

Not only did Andrew Grossman renovate an old farm
house, he also completely transformed the yard:
before and after garden makeover andrew grossman massachusetts

before and after garden makeover andrew grossman

A small ugly alley is now a lush garden retreat:
Before: 400 sq. ft. Portland alley    After: Portland soothing garden escape

What's particularly interesting about this project is that
the homeowners kept several of the existing shrubs:


This makeover makes the patio look bigger, doesn't it?
Before                                                   After

Not only did these owners dramatically improve
their home, they also transformed the landscaping:


Home Talk

Studio G is a wonderful blog for all things garden and patio related.
Here are some projects that were featured on their site that show how
problem areas of a back yard can be greatly improved. 

This covered patio went from barely functional to Party Central:
    before and after garden patio makeover

A raised stone bed of tall plants helps conceal the area under
the staircase and gives privacy to the ground floor bedroom:
before and after garden makeover staircase garden      

An unsightly storage shed was transformed
into a covered picnic area that's . . . . . . .
before and after garden makeover shed california covered patio     before and after garden makeover shed california covered patio

before and after garden makeover shed california covered patio
. . . . . . perfect for entertaining!

The tiny backyard of a row house
is now one of its biggest assets:
Karins cottage garden makeover studiogblog    garden makeover cottage

And, lastly, is it possible to turn
an old barn site into a zen garden?
before and after garden barn tear down zen garden

Yes, it is!
before and after garden barn coversion to a zen garden
Studio G

I hope today's projects were inspiring.
Have a great weekend!


  1. Yes, I guess you could say VERY inspiring.

  2. Awesome before and afters! I can't pick a favorite, and the only one I don't like is the house where they painted the red brick. Love red brick homes! Great post!

  3. Wow! Lots of inspiration here. Now, if spring would just show her pretty face :)

  4. I love gardening and these photos are fantastic. That house/garden makeover is just wonderful! We have had a mild winter here in the Pacific Northwest and it makes me long for Spring even more...

  5. I don't have a green thumb. My mom did and had her own greenhouse. Oh, I wish I had listened, worked harder and observed more. When she and daddy died 3 years ago, we had to sell the house. We dug up her flower beds and got the bulbs. Mine are yet to come up. I don't think they will. I need a transformation like this:) I'm gonna add you to my list of following. Hope you will do.