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April 30, 2012

A 'little' detour in decorating!

fleaChic is taking a 'little' detour this week to feature posts that might
appeal to a 'small'er segment of the audience.  That's right - babies, 
infants, young children! 

Yes, I said babies.  More to the point, baby abodes, i.e., nurseries.  
And not just your run-of-the-mill nurseries.  I'm talking about nurseries 
with imagination, flare, panache and color:

color + color + color = imagination and stimulation

6th Street Design School
An old, painted buffet is great for organizing and
storing the million+ items you need in a nursery.

Desdem Ventana
That's right - teach them early to love romantic, shabby vintage.

Number Nineteen
What child wouldn't love wallpaper that they could color?
I can hear it now, "Why aren't you coloring on the walls?!"

 Borderline Genius
One of the most ingenious dressers I've ever seen.
My husband needs one of these.

Need more room in the nursery?  No problem.  Remove the closet doors:

Useless fact:  The British refer to a child's room as a nursery until they're old enough to start school.

The nursery below was featured on Visual Eye Candy and is
completely realistic, completely "do-able", and completely cute:
The room actually started with a crib but easily converted 
into a "big boy's room" with the addition of a twin bed:

How cool is the vintage credenza?  Talk about storage.  It's timeless.

Little Green Notebook
The design scheme for this nursery is so versatile - remove
the crib, bring in a bed and the room is ready for a 'tween.

Yes, a nursery can be sophisticated and dramatic:

offbeat mama

House and Home

Stella & Henry

The Decorista

Design Crisis

Heart Beat Oz 
I would love to have a teepee in my bedroom.  Wouldn't you?

 Pottery Barn
Giggles galore in this fairy tale setting.

A little bird told me that Annabel wanted a pastel room.
LOVE the chandelier - truly fit for a princess!

The Marion House Book
Got a little NASCAR fan in your house?
Encourage that budding sense of mechanical excitement 
with decor accessories from Auto Zone.  How ingenious
is the chair rail to hold his little Hot Wheels?  

First time parents can be overwhelmed by the whole decorating-the-nursery process so here
      are a few thoughts that might help:
  • Safety is the number one consideration.  If your home is old, check for lead-based paint residue.  Aunt Edna may offer to give you a used crib but does it meet Federal safety standards? You can go online to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission here to see what baby equipment and furnishings have been recalled.
  • Paint is one of the cheapest and most versatile decorating tools in your belt.  Take a chance with an unusual color.  If it's not working, just paint over it.
  • Often the nursery isn't just for a newborn - he or she might have to share with an older sibling.  Discuss redecorating, color choices and decor with your other child.  It will ease the stress of having to share their room and make them feel that they have a voice in the situation.  After all, it was their territory first!
  • Budget, budget, budget.  It's so easy to get carried away when you're in Babies 'R Us and Pottery Barn for Kids.  Yes, the more expensive bassinet is precious but remember that your baby will only use it for about 2 months. 
Children are never too young to learn about repurposing, upcycling, and DIYing.  Join me tomorrow for more charming and unusual nurseries that were created on 'small' budgets!  

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