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May 1, 2012

Nursery Decor, Part 2

The National Education Association offers sobering statistics 
on the success of children who are read to vs. those who are 
not.  What better place to encourage a love of reading than in 
the nursery?

We all know that the first rule of reading is Start With The
Basics - the alphabet.  An arrangement of different shaped
letters not only makes a charming wall treatment, it also
introduces an array of colors, shapes and textures.

TIP:  If expectant parents choose to go with an alphabet-themed nursery, a great gift
        idea for their baby shower is to assign a letter to each attendee.   

6th Street Design School
A fun way to introduce the alphabet is through accessories.

Children love to see their name in BIG letters:

     Framed pages from a vintage book are colorful and
     inexpensive.  Just about any theme for a nursery can
     can be found in the pages of a book.

Restoring a bookcase is an easy Before and After projects and is usually quite
inexpensive.  Check out the dramatic results of a little sanding and painting:                         

 BEFORE                                                                                   AFTER

Do you remember reading Little Golden Books as a child?
The nursery, below, was designed around Corky, a story
about a boy and his dog.

The parents chose muted colors and simply framed
pages from the book.  Clever and inexpensive!

Aesthetic Oiseau

And who hasn't read Dr. Seuss?!

Design Dazzle
Home D.I.T.
This Dr. Seuss mural is a little imposing for my taste but it's definitely colorful.

Elizabeth Sullivan Design
A wall of books - oh, my!

Chic Cheap Nursery
So handy - a book rack beside the rocker.

When you instill a love of reading
in a child you give them a gift for
a lifetime.

Consider making books an important
part of their nursery.


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