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May 15, 2012

Back home and back to blogging . . . .

Last week I spent 5 days with my darling 15 month old twin grandson and
granddaughter in Charleston, S.C.  It was Heaven.  

Sadly, it's time to come back down to Earth and tackle the piles of laundry, unanswered emails, and return to my dear fleaChic blog.  Sigh.  I miss you,
Jack and Caitlin.

So what will I feature today?  Headboards!  And not just any ole boring, mass-produced headboards.  No, ma'am.  Take a look at these ingenious creations:

Brick walls have been fashionable since our ancestors learned
to conquer mud.  They're just so interesting and textural.

A mural on panels makes a regal, stately headboard.

In place of a headboard, the homeowner placed
portraits and artwork on shelves.

What a serenely beautiful bedroom. 

Sometimes a view is the best headboard.

How cool is this painted wall of a ticket
from a special basketball game in 1978?! 

We've all seen lots of upholstered headboards
but these two are certainly unique:

Simply stunning.

Check out these fabulous headboards made from antique doors:

Doesn't the reclaimed mantle below make a dramatic
statement in this quaint 'beamed' bedroom?

 I've heard of counting sheep to fall asleep
but I've never heard of counting cows!
Technically, the platform bed has a headboard,
albeit boring.  The painting is so much more interesting.

A vintage pull-down retractable map allows sleepy
little eyes to marvel at the world before nodding off. 

In conclusion, here is a little surprise "crop the shot" photo
of a pleasant bedroom from a different perspective:

LOVE the framed black and white photos hung over the bed.

But look how much more interesting the bedroom
is without the vaulted ceiling cropped off:

 Tomorrow - more "crop the shot" photos!

Special thanks for today's pictures to:

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