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April 25, 2012

Ahhhh........the beautiful beach

Road trip mystery solved.  We're at the beach!  And
when I say beach, of course I mean the most beautiful
beach in the U.S. - Panama City Beach, FL.

In case you might have wondered, the vintage photo on
the left is not of us.  It was taken in 1905 at Atlantic City.
Like I could get Bob to wear stripes. 

Whenever I'm at the coast I assume that everyone is
interested in beach decor.  (Kind of like I assume that
everyone loves Jane Austen.)  Completely Coastal is
one of the best sites on the web for unique and charming
beach accessories and furniture, especially driftwood accent pieces.

Like sea glass, driftwood is so hard to find.  Completely Coastal saves you hours
of scavaging the beach and frees up your time to enjoy other vacation activities
(i.e., sipping margaritas on the beach.) 

The surf calls so I must sign off.  I'm sure I'll get lucky and find
either some elusive old driftwood or a drink with an umbrella in it!

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