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April 12, 2012

I.C., again

Several months ago I wrote a brilliant series of posts on 
Industrial Chic (Part 1Part 2Part 3).  While most of 
us are not blessed with a downtown loft in which to 
indulge our IC fantasies, there are elements of the edgy 
style that can easily be incorporated into our normal 
homes - one of them being The Locker.

The lucky homeowner (right) snagged a set of  
vintage bowling alley lockers and installed them in 
the kitchen.  Talk about storage!   

The original yellow paint brightens up the kitchen.  
So jealous.

Once you've banished the smell of sweaty gym socks, 
a locker can serve as an extra closet and is great for 
organizing shoes and accessories.

A trunk and lockers - organized heaven!
Don't you love the vintage waiting room chairs?!

Obtaining a set of lockers can be tricky.  When businesses decide to
discard lockers (shudder) they simply contact a scrap dealer (shudder)
or hire someone to haul them to the dump (outright spasms).  

Be proactive.  Contact established businesses in your area and
simply ask if they have old employee lockers they might be
willing to donate to your decor scheme. It's worth a shot.  
Happy scrapping!

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