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April 6, 2012

May the Irresistible Force Be With You

I don't know about you but some of the worst accidents
I've had happened at flea markets and yard sales.  You see 
a piece that you're mysteriously and irresistibly attracted 
to and wonder, "Why hasn't someone snatched this up?"

If you find yourself in a similar situation:  remove your 
I-Must-Have-That sunglasses, step back and take a looong 
second look. Yes, you have vision.  Yes, you are unique and crave unique and quirky pieces to reflect your individuality 
but - where the heck will you put it?! 

The reason our cars are parked outside on the driveway 
instead of in our two-car garage is because no one gave me 
that advice.  You're welcome.

Let's take a look at some irresistible finds
that others might have walked right past:

BTW - you don't necessarily have to be at a flea market or yard sale to stumble upon an
irresistible gem.  The vintage lighted arrow (above) is available on here.


Today's Irresistible Piece is also a beautiful repurposing:

I found this darling upcycling at Small Acorns.  Stop by and
visit Amanda's site - you'll get some great ideas.

And, spread the word - Easter is almost here!  
Have a wonderful weekend.

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