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April 16, 2012

Happy Income Tax Filing Day!

What?!  It's true.  I'll celebrate just about anything.  And I'm particularly happy to party over the following Before & After Projects - these girls really know how to economize and streeeeeeeetch a dollar.

1.  Yes, this is a stock photo because there is no 'before' shot but you get the 'picture'
     (groan, sorry, it's Monday):

AFTER:  Oui, cheri - all together now, "Oh, My Gosh!"

So fleaChic!

2.  Words can't adequately describe my astonishment at this transformation so I won't even try:

Your mind is spinning and shouting, "I can do that!"  

3.  Sometimes a beautiful piece of furniture is just too far gone to be restored to its original
     state, especially when the laminate is damaged or missing:

Lucky Me Studios

4.  Don't even act like you haven't seen chairs like these at the thrift store calling your name:

The Backyard Bungalow
precious, precious, Precious!  
(As a parent you have to say something 3 times to get the desired response.)

5.  Mid-Century Modern credenzas aren't as plentiful as they were 5 years ago so you'd
     better start looking for one:

The Mindful Nest
I can almost hear Frank Sinatra on the stereo!

6.  The chest of drawers below was literally on the side of the road, headed to the dump
     and missing the drawers:

Cameras and Chaos
With a reinforced interior and paint treatment this chest
makes a beautiful linen press or craft fabric organizer.

7.  Another fresh idea for a dated chest:

551 East Design
Left in its original state this chest was hardly noticeable.
Now, it's a statement piece.

8.  Buffets offer an amazing amount of storage and do double duty as a bar or serving station
     when you entertain:

Dumped and Discovered
This buffet is a beautiful compliment to the decor.

9.  Go from 'okay' to 'awesome' with a staple gun and some new fabric:

I want to leave you smiling so I've saved the funniest 'til last:

10.  Who says renovators don't have a sense of humor?!

I laughed when I came across these pictures. What a cute idea!  Meg, of Meg and Mums, is a talented Aussie with a knack for the unique. 

LOVE it!

Please visit the sites that I've credited and make it a great one even if it is Tax Day!


  1. Replies
    1. I'm in awe of other's vision and talents to not only salvage a discarded piece of furniture but to make it even better than it was when it was new. Glad you appreciate their efforts, too!