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April 2, 2012

Mondays should start with Inspiration . . . . .

And what's more inspiring than ingenious repurposing?

Turn an old door into a coffee table.
Add a glass top and make it a display area.  Beachy!

Wood crates make the best magazine holders.

I don't remember the gym lockers at the YMCA looking this chic.

Don't have a vintage ladder?  No problem.  Make one.

It's hard to believe that this Kitty Condo was once an old TV.

How clever is this charging station?!
For instructions and photos click here.

Create your own light fixture.

The next time you order a dozen oysters
take home the shells.  Clean and disinfect
them, plug in the glue gun - voile!

Printers' trays make charming cabinet doors.


Who knew that an old frame and a ladder
could get you so organized?!


Vintage ladders aren't just exquisite decorating accessories -

they provide extra storage space, too.

This decorative watering can was found at
Goodwill for $1 +  spray paint, enamel pen,
a pack of seeds = Instant Gift!


Old tins make the prettiest vases. . . . . 

and thrift store creamers make darling herb pots.

Repurposing is easy, economical and 
ecologically savvy!

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