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February 10, 2014

Welcome to another Repurposeful Monday.

I've found some great upcycling ideas to share with you and many
of them involve our little ones 'cause it's never too early to teach
children about repurposing.

Anyone who's ever had puzzles in their home knows the
frustration of losing a piece(s).  Don't toss the puzzle just
yet - turn the remaining pieces into refrigerator magnets.

Did you ever think about making an indoor
ball pit out of an inflatable swimming pool?
This Wonderful Life
Sure beats storing the pool all Winter.

Do you have a toy box of odd-and-end game and toy pieces?
Glue gun them around the base of a thrift 
store lamp and spray paint them.  Cool!

Here's a similar idea:

Consider removing the drawers of a dresser, wallpapering the
interior, installing a dowel and hanging clothes inside the dresser:

Here's a similar idea:
Organize My Space

If you don't want to turn a dresser into a mini-
wardrobe, how about making it a pet station?

Habitat Indoors

So what can you do with the drawers you remove from dresser?
I Craft With Love
Put casters on them and use them to store toys under a crib or bed.

Got marbles?
Ever thought about gluing them to a bowling ball?

There are so many uses for an old twin size head and foot
board.  This one was repurposed to make a flower 'bed' but
it would also make a great toy box:

Make your own activity and sensory board:
Apartment Therapy
Switches to turn on and off, a door knocker, a pulley, a wheel to turn,
a bell to ring - customize it to the little one who will be using it.

Make a memory bracelet out of old game pieces:
Etsy Source

Old game boards can be used to make shelves:
ReFab Diaries

Do you know someone who has a favorite car from TV or the movies?
How about the first car they ever owned?  Find a replica of a Match Box
car and make a key chain out of it:

And how precious are these vintage toy truck pin cushions?
ReFab Diaries

Old dominoes glued to thin cork board make charming coasters:
Bright Nest

Vintage toys can be quite valuable but it's
usually if they're in very good condition.  
If you have any that aren't quite pristine, you
might could make a picture frame out of them.

Very, very, rarely do I feature current photos of children on
fleaChic but this idea is so brilliant that I had to show you:
A website for parents of multiples, Full House Moms, shared the
best tip for bath time ever - placing babies in a laundry basket in
the tub prevents slips and keeps toys within easy reach!

Thrift stores abound with discarded entertainment
centers.  They can be repurposed into play kitchens:

Love the white wainscoting in the back.

A few years ago Erin of Sutton Grace featured step-by-step
instructions and photos of how she turned an entertainment
center into a play kitchen: 

Or you can simply remove the doors of the entertainment
center, paint it and use it as a costume station:

When your young t-ball player outgrows his or her
first bat turn it into a night stand for their room:
Click here for the easy step-by-step instructions.

Hands down, this is THE best birthday
party idea I've seen in a long time:
Life Inspired
For a train-theme birthday party the parents laid large black
duck (duct?!) tape on the sidewalk to make train tracks.

I hope today's ingenious repurposing ideas help kick
off your Monday in an imaginative and fun way.


  1. These are very charming ideas! I love the re-purposed dressers turned into closets and little kitchens! Wish I knew about the laundry basket idea when my kids were little - I had two that were a year apart. Can't wait to have grandchildren to try out these ideas! xo Karen

  2. I enjoy your blog so's just so full of fun ideas!

  3. Hi Jan,

    Such great ideas you have shared here, thank you.
    Also thanks for following my blog and I look forward to coming to visit again.
    Happy day

  4. I am loving the babies in the laundry basket idea ...great idea!! The train theme party and a blast for the kids!
    Thank you for sharing...

  5. Oh my goodness...what a great transformation! It turned out totally amazing. Loving it. it looks brand new! Great job!!

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