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February 11, 2014

Collectors are always on the lookout for the hottest trends.  Today's post is all about what's hot in vintage acquisitions and the Antiques of Tomorrow - 


Until the 1960's, ladies did not leave the house without a hat and gloves.
Vintage hats are more collectible than ever and are still very affordable. 

How cute is this cheeky fuchsia velvet and satin 'fascinator' from the 1950's?
Priced at under $10, it would be a great
choice for anyone starting a hat collection.

Some of the best collecting bargains can be found
online - like this 'lot' of vintage hats and boxes:

eBay Source
What makes this such a great find is not only the
price ($20!) but the original boxes are included.

This darling little fascinator is priced at under $6:
eBay Source

Probably from the 1950's, this perky chapeau is constructed
from actual bird feathers and a velvet bow:
The more exotic the materials, the more collectible the hat.

A Failsworth of England black bowler hat from the 1930's
can usually be purchased in the $60-$70 range.

This isn't just any hat - it's a wedding
hat and veil from the 1940's:
Etsy Source
Priced at only $14, it's quite an affordable collectible.

So, how did ladies keep their hats in place?  With hat pins:
eBay Source
This lot of 3 beautiful antique hat pins is
priced at only $25 which includes shipping.

A stunning lot of 7 vintage hat pins priced at $40:
eBay Source

Hat pins were manufactured as cosmetic
jewelry but wealthier ladies chose finer pieces:
An Edwardian 10K gold hat pin with a peridot gem stone - $110

Hat boxes are also hot collectibles, especially European hat boxes.
Etsy Source

This leather French hat box from the 1940's is priced at
$118 and sure to increase in value over the next few years.

If a lady didn't leave the house without her hat, she
certainly wouldn't go anywhere without her gloves.

eBay Source
This lot of 3 pairs of vintage gloves is priced at $11 which includes shipping.

This pair of kid skin Italian gloves from the
1950's is priced under $9 which includes shipping:
eBay Source
So sophisticated!

Here are a pair of men's wedding gloves from 1888:
At $13, they'd make a great addition to any glove collection.

I've got my eye on these lace beauties:
eBay Source

Embroidered vintage leather Sagil gloves from France:
eBay Source
Oooh LaLa!

If you're hesitant to purchase online, the BEST source for
finding vintage hats and gloves in your area is at estate sales.

But, remember - condition is everything when purchasing
antique accessories.  Even if the hat or gloves were created by a well
known designer, they aren't worth anything if they're falling apart.

As always, Happy Hunting!


  1. My grandma and aunts always wore hats and gloves. Such sweet memories. Susan

    1. I remember my grandmother hand washing her cotton gloves. When she passed away each of us granddaughters were given a pair and I cherish them.

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  3. Gorgeous items from an age when ladies were beautifully elegant ...

    1. I'm not sure what our fashion sense is today but it's definitely not elegant like the styles of the 40's and 50's. Maybe hats will make a comeback but I doubt we'll ever see the age of gloves.

  4. I had a small collection of hats back in the '80's when the Victorian decor was all the rage. When our decor changed I let them go to a collector since I had used them for a display only. I do have a sweet pair of vintage gloves still and an evening bag from the "50's that belonged to my mom. Though not on display, I will be keeping those : ) A fun post!