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February 24, 2014

Oh, Monday.  You arrived too soon!

But, we're here so let's make it a useful Monday
with some ingenious Repurposing projects.

Need a nifty idea for that collection of
miscellaneous tea cups and saucers?
 Adorable coat rack, isn't it?

Tea cups on flatware stands are charming votive candle holders:

Flea market cups and saucers make
sturdy and affordable bird feeders:

You'll often find a basket of inexpensive eyeglass
cases on the check-out counter of thrift shops.   

Over the years I've posted some great camouflages
for docking stations.  Here are two brilliant ideas: 
A vintage record player was converted into Recharge Central. . . . . .

. . . . . as was this industrial tool box:

Speaking of tools, how charming is this wreath?

Brilliant bookends:
The patina and rust on these industrial
casters will add color to any bookshelf.

Can you guess what's hiding under this outrageous ottoman?
An old tire!

A vintage motorcycle headlight was converted
into an unconventional desk lamp.

This very inexpensive particle board thrift shop
bookcase was painted and turned into a bar.

I absolutely adore this idea:
Portable picture frames!

Get an early start on a St. Patrick's Day
broach with buttons, beads and a glue gun.

Hooo knew that a strainer and two bottle caps could be so cute?!

A picture frame + a bit of fabric = instant tray!

And a serving tray can also be a portable
diaper changing supply station tray:

Dad's and Granddad's old shirts make endearing baby bibs:

Thanks for taking a moment out of your busy Monday to stop by.
See you tomorrow!


  1. Thanks for finding the coolest things, Jan! I think the unique votive candle holder and tool wreath are adorable.

  2. Lots of cute ideas, Jan - loving that motorcycle lamp conversion and the watch photo frames! xo