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February 3, 2014

Routine is such a comforting thing.  I'm so glad
we're back to another Repurposeful Monday.

Let's begin with a few Winter repurposing ideas.

Ever heard of Ice Marbles?!
Simply fill balloons with colored water, leave
them outside in the snow, peel off the balloons
24 hrs later and - bam! - you've got Ice Marbles!

Repurposing winter ski caps into wine bottle sleeves
Giving a friend a bottle of wine to celebrate a special event?
You know what to do - use the arms of a sweater to wrap the bottle.

Well, since you've removed the sleeves of the
sweater you might as well use the rest of it:
Repurposed Sweater Mittens  - a brilliantly warm and thrifty idea for winter! #RepurposedSweater

Have any long-sleeve shirts that you or hubby no longer wear?
Repurposed Red Christmas Winter Decorative by SuttonPlaceDesigns, $16.00
They make great pillows, especially the flannel ones.

I love these vintage snow shoes:
Show everyone how popular you are by displaying your holiday cards with repurposed winter gear.
They make charming organizers, don't they?

Speaking of organizing . . . . 
Glue keyboard keys onto a tin can to
make an interesting pencil holder.

Even small cans can be repurposed:
Upcycle... tin can + yard stick
Belle Maison

Use your  magnets on an old cookie sheet:
Line a cookie sheet with contact paper to make a magnet board.

Soda crates are great for storing fragile
stemware as well as staying organized:

Not only is this drawer a darling organizational
idea, it's also great for serving:
An old drawer re-purposed into a tray for silverware or serving pieces.  Note the antique knobs on the bottom of the drawer, which gives it character and height.  Would be great for a party or dinners.
The Old Painted Cottage
And the little 'feet' are glass drawer knobs!

These old drawers were turned into shadow boxes:
drawers as wall display shelves
52 Flea

Want one of these?
Napa Style
Go to Tractor Supply and buy a galvanized wash tub, mount it on legs
from Lowes then paint it.  You might want to wallpaper the interior, too.

Silver plated trays are still fairly affordable at thrift shops:
My Hearts Song:  Repurposing Old Silver Trays
Isn't this a clever coat hanger idea?

I Love That Junk
Old cement trowels mounted on distressed
barn wood make a rustic coat hanger.

Don't throw out those old paint brushes:

Use them as cabinet door handles
in your studio or craft room.

Do you have any vintage yard sticks and Legos?
Home Talk
This proves that you can pair just about
ant combination of collectibles.

What looks like a birdhouse made from old text books
is actually a bedside stand to hold your book! Deco birdhouse made from old books........ wow!
Dishfunctional Designs

But it won't be long 'til it's time to
get the birdhouses ready for Spring:
Home Talk
This is a great use of old ladders.  
Can cats climb ladders?!

How cool is this unique birdhouse?
Gadget Sponge has the most creative ideas.

This birdfeeder was made from found objects including old license
plates, a silver plated serving lid and a vintage potato masher:
Use your imagination and a bird feeder will emerge.
Junk Market Style

Wow - look at the high gloss paint
job on this pallet coffee table:

Believe it or not, this sophisticated ottoman is actually a
pallet covered in foam, upholstered, then legs were added:
Make an ottoman from a pallet, foam, table legs, fabric and a staple gun.

DIY Vintage Suitcase Table
Stars For Streetlights
Old suitcases are so versatile, aren't they?

This old suitcase was mounted on a salvaged table pedestal:
Table base, vintage suitcase, painted in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, Old White.  <3
Tattered Elegance

Over the years I've shown you some really cute suitcases
turned into pet beds but this is one of the cutest:
Architecture Art Designs

Let's close out this Repurposeful Monday in the Kitchen.

Ever thought about making your own Steampunk kitchen sculpture?
One-Of-A-Kind Fobot, Keaton - Amy Flyn: He's just So Cute!  I must Hug Him!

Blue Moss Girl

And what can you do with an outdated clock and a pot lid?

Make one of the coolest clocks ever!
Maker Mama
Click here for the easy step-by-step tutorial.

Thanks for stopping by today.  Hope you have a great Monday!



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