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February 6, 2014

According to My Count Down there are 41 days, 15 hours, and 42 minutes until
The First Day of Spring!

Sadly, many of us suffer from varying degrees of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a type of depression that usually occurs in the Fall and continues throughout the Winter.  Thankfully the symptoms typically clear up in the Spring.

So what can you do to combat SAD?  The Mayo Clinic offers several treatment options including light therapy which simulates the warmth of Summer.

Here's my suggestion for combating the Winter Blues:
surround yourself with cheerful colors, specifically, Pink!

pale pink decor

Pink Decor - Phi Mu room for my house Paint Graceys door this color the hall wall would look sharp with the different colored doors maybe monkeys door blue (dark) and yours brown !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pink decoration ideas
My Desired Home

simple and lovely decoration !!
Dust Jacket Attic

A little less princess-y, but overall cute idea!

( This is designed for maximum impact, and the handmade Persian rug leads you right into the experience.
Gypsy Moon Sister

Rose room, so cute ♥ #pink #decor

fear no pink.
Anna Sterntaler

Love the throw and the overall look of this pretty in pink space
Dreams of Romance

Cuteness. Spots / linen / decor / styling / pastels / timber / interior design / kitsch / playful / bedroom
The Design Files

Fab Living

victoria secret pink decorating ideas | my mod style: Design Board - Victoria Secret Bedroom
Creating Happy

Avoid the winter blues by infusing your spaces with pops of cheery color. I love the pops of pink!

This city apartment living room looks fabulous decked out in pink, cool toned turquoise and glitzy bronze accents. Love it!

Bright blue and soft pink make for an unexpected color scheme in this youthful living room. More living room design ideas:

Small Kids' Bedrooms  Problem: A shared room with lots of stuff.  Solution: For a shared room, try shared furniture. In this girls’ room, a dresser positioned between two twin beds doubles as a nightstand for both beds. WHAT I LIKE ABOUT THIS IS THAT IT ALSO GIVES AN IDEA TO KEEP BOXES TOGETHER TO CREATE A BED AND ALSO HAVE BASKETS UNDERNEATH.

Pink decoration ideas
My Desired Home

Paint thrift store frames a vibrant color for an easy and inexpensive accent to any room. More paint projects:

My auction dresser find will hopefully resemble this Taylor Six Drawer Scalloped Dresser when I paint it hot pink with white accents!!!  If it turns out well this will only cost about $150 verses the $1600+ original!!!  Fingers crossed.
Rosenberry Rooms
This nursery dresser at Rosenberry Rooms is priced at $1,645.00.
I'm betting a thrift store dresser could be painted similar to this
style for a whole lot less.  (Like about $1,600.00 less!)

Pink decoration ideas
My Desired Home

Unexpected Small Space    Problem: Boring bathroom.    Solution: Enliven a small bathroom with fun pattern and color on the walls and floor. It adds a happy twist to a utilitarian space. Since it's a small room, you won't need to buy as much wallpaper or flooring, a cost-saving perk of a small-space makeover.
I LOVE this powder room!

livingroom white pink rose
House Beautiful

8 Surpisingy Ways to Decorate with, love the soft pink walls in this room.

Box-Beam Ceiling     Usually found in more formal areas like living and dining rooms, a box-beam ceiling adds a touch of elegance here. Because box beams lower the ceiling height, they work best in spaces with a ceiling that's 9 feet or higher. Most decorative beams are hollow boxes made from finished boards and applied molding.

Pale Pink Bedroom from Katie Lydon Interiors via Apartment Therapy
Apartment Therapy

love the pink decoration
Pembe Yastik

My Desired Home

Jolies banquettes sur le blog Dominique Décoratrice- Suzanne Kasler's dining room
Dominique Decorative

Blog Lovin'

Elegant grey and pink decor in a rustic setting
Style Me Pretty
The most masculine settings can benefit
from a little blush of color.

Vintage Style Bathroom with sweet colors!
Just a few pink accessories can completely
brighten up a room - even the bathroom!

Mariah Lopes

pink decoration

How can you not be cheerful when surrounded by
such uplifting and multi-shade colors of pink?
Think about it.

Note:  Guess where I am this week?  Come on, guess.  You're right - Minnesota!  And I'm having a few problems with my posts - namely a few photos that aren't uploading.  Brilliant minds (i.e., my 3 yr old grandson) are working on the problem and I'll try to have it corrected soon.


  1. I am not a fan of pink, but there were a couple rooms I know I could live with! Have a fun time up north with your family.

    1. This Alabama girl is having a blast with 3 year old grandtwins but the wind chill was -17 last night - yikes! Grandparents are like the postal system - rain, shine, sleet or snow we will make our appointed grandchildren rounds.

  2. My head is spinning in pink....Wow...I do like pink, but not so much in a home. However I did think the bedroom with the soft pastel pink and white iron bed was lovely. I could handle that. Also I thought the pink and green bathroom was quite cheery.

    1. Gotta say - I'm more of a pink accent girl. My favorite is actually the cabin with the whiskey barrel coffee tables. Maybe the pastels of the 90's are coming back!

  3. It is not possible to be sad after viewing these pictures and reading this post! If the pictures didn't lift your mood, then your comment about your 3 year old grandson will!!!! Do you think he could help me with a problem I have been having with mine?