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July 15, 2013

Using it again....and, again....and, again - that's what Repurposing is all about!

Are you looking for an unusual and affordable bedside table idea?
Who could get tired of the amazing versatility of little step ladders?

Old sewing machine cabinets are still fairly affordable
because most folks don't think to paint them and turn
them into bedside tables!

Mason jars + votives = instant party lighting.

Do you have an old pair of jeans or a denim jacket that
holds precious memories?  Cut them into squares and
make either a wall hanging or an area rug.

Isn't this lamp shade frame hung with
old utensils simply charming?

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, let's sincerely flatter
Anthropologie by making some candlesticks similar to theirs.

We all know that thrift shops are great sources for inexpensive hardback books.
It took a clever crafter to convert three of them into a book shelf clock.

It took me a moment to realize that these black and white photos
are being displayed in a plate rack.  I like the fact that little hooks
are mounted underneath from which to hang 'beachy' linens.

Another hutch plate rack is being used as a craft center.  Great idea!

It's really unique the way the owner cut out the carved
panels of a vintage door and 'framed' the book shelves.

I think I spy the metal base of an old sewing
machine being used to hold up a homemade desk.

A contemporary pre-fab cabinet can work double duty:  as
a book case and to display a vintage shoe collection.

Do you have an old chair that could use a little reinforcement?
Find two old leather belts at a thrift shop or flea market and
use them on the sides for support.

Getting ready for some outdoor entertaining
and looking for an inexpensive lighting idea?
Use either beer cans or soft drink cans to make custom votive candle
lanterns.  They can be spray painted any number of different colors, too.

Stop by a junk yard to find a tire rim you can
spray paint and use to hold a garden hose.

Old metal wagon wheels and carriage wheels are becoming quite hard
to find.  They look beautiful in gardens, especially
when used as a trellis for roses.

Edible Gardens LA
Do you have any fishing cane poles lying about?  Tie them
together like a teepee and use them for climbing plants.

Isn't this a precious garden wall?  It reminds me of
one of
my favorite quotes: Bloom where you are planted!

Have a great Monday - specifically,
a Repurposing Monday!


  1. Great collection. Love the garden wall, and I also immediately thought "Bloom where you are planted."

  2. Thanks for stopping by today. Many years ago I cross-stitched a sampler for my sister with that saying and she's hung it in many houses as my brother-in-law's career has moved them around a lot. I'm blogging from Otsego, MN, for the next few weeks, not too far from your turf. The weather is so nice and pleasant this time of year. -- Jan

  3. love the shishkabob candlesticks!

  4. Really cute ideas today, Jan! Love the craft room and the tire rim hose holder. The can lanterns are great! xo

  5. Great pics today - love the blue and white room with the black and white photo's.


  6. I LOVE all the pretty things you have here. That garden fence is just darling and the rooms are gorgeous! xo Diana