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July 22, 2013

Oh, the Joys of Repurposing in the Garden!

 Need a Summer wreath idea?

Credit:  Linda Wiseman



There are a few more wreath photos at the end of today's blog - just
scroll down to see another twist on a Summer wreath.

Don't pass up a farm equipment auction without considering the
possibilities.  This large tiller attachment makes a beautiful fountain.


Mount a brightly painted ornate mirror in your
patio for an unexpected yet charming surprise:
Dishfunctional Designs


  I love this bird bath idea:

  Thinking about hanging a wind chime in your back yard or patio?
Make one using common kitchen utensils and plate ware:

Uncommon Goods

Flea Market Gardening
A thrift store light fixture makes a great planter.


 Isn't this one of the cutest upcycling ideas for a
vintage sewing machine base you've ever seen?

What a darling trellis teepee of old garden tools.

Cathy Porter
A window box of flowers doesn't have to be attached to the house,
it can be hung from an old door propped up against the fence.

 Wouldn't these silver plated garden markers make great birthday gifts?


Upcycled Garden Style
This Victorian-inspired garden globe is
just a bowling ball covered in glass stones!


Cynthia Weber
A vintage crib would make a clever bed for your herbs.

As promised, here are a few closing photos of a Summer wreath
that my daughter and I made for her front door for less than $10!
(Thanks to the Family Dollar store's 30% off sale!)

Big bow or little bow?  Add a watering can?
I felt lost without my glue gun but we were still able to
make a cute wreath.  Not only is it financially smart to
create your own decorations, it's also a lot of fun.


  1. Loving these cute ideas today, Jan! The hose wreath is perfect for my little tool shed. Thank you for sharing all of these - I love every one! xo

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I loved the hose/wreath idea the minute I saw it - such an easy repurposing idea. -- Jan

  2. I like these ideas because I haven't seen them before - very fresh and new!