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July 23, 2013

Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the Royal Family, the Middleton family, and the people of the British Empire
on the birth of His Royal Highness, the as-yet-unnamed Prince of Cambridge. 

How can this child NOT be gorgeous?  His parents are beyond fairy tale beautiful and handsome, plus Kate's dimples are to-die-for.

After all of the hoopla over the British Parliament agreeing to change history by allowing a first born daughter to ascend to the throne over a younger brother, I thought that the Kate was carrying a princess for sure.

How sad it is that Williams' late mother, Diana, isn't alive to enjoy the wonderfulness of grandparenthood.

Supposedly Buckingham Palace released this photo of Duchess Kate and
Queen Elizabeth painting the nursery amid speculation as to whether
the new arrival would be a boy or a girl.  (I think it's definitely photo-
shopped as the Queen doesn't have a purse on her arm!)

Is it just me or does it seem only yesterday that we were looking at
photos  of Prince William and his brother, Prince Harry, in their nursery?

Prince William and Prince Harry in the royal nursery, 1985

Of course, many English decorators have suggestions for the Royal Nursery:


The closest America has ever come to having
a royal family has been the Kennedy dynasty.
 This is a photo of John F. Kennedy's nursery.

 The late President and his adorable daughter, Caroline Kennedy.

Jackie Kennedy and Caroline, living in a Washington,
D.C., townhouse while John F. Kennedy was a Senator.

I can't end today's post without my guess as to the name William and Kate
have chosen for their son: Charles Henry William George. But, I think they'll
call him Henry or George.  What name do you think the little Prince will be given?

Credits:  HGTV; Houzz; Vanity Fair


  1. Love your photos. If you watch the video of the royal couple coming out to show their new baby, watch the baby's hands. It looks like he's waving, like his mommy and daddy. He's wide awake!

    1. Doesn't Kate look magnificent only 24 hours after giving birth?! Seeing William buckle the little Prince into his car seat and driving his family home really made my heart swell with happiness for them. -- Jan

  2. Those are beautiful photos. The one with queen Elizabeth must surely have been photoshopped. :-)

    1. It must 'cause I can't ever imagine her wearing overalls and not having her signature purse on her arm! Apparently not releasing whether the baby was a boy or a girl significantly stimulated the British economy as many souvenir companies made memorabilia for either event. Will and Kate insisted that neither knew the sex of the baby and I think they probably didn't know. Wonder if the little Prince will have a baby brother or sister as soon as William had Harry?! -- Jan

  3. these sweet photos brought tears to my eyes...especially the Kennedy's...what a sad end to such Camelot era. I agree...Kate and William are beyond beautiful and I am so excited to watch this unfold...I happen to believe Diana got to and gets to play with all the babies coming down here for her family before they do

    1. Camelot was certainly a special time for America - things seemed so innocent back then. The Kennedy babies were gorgeous and grew up to be very good looking people. I agree with you - Diana definitely knew the precious Prince before anyone on Earth knew him and I'm sure she's his guardian angel. -- Jan

  4. Such a wonderful and historic occasion for the people of Britain and for the world. They are a lovely little family despite their pedigree and it is wonderful to have such a precious occasion to get to know them better. The nursery photos are so sweet. I remember the birth of Prince William - I was a young mother myself - and beautiful Princess Diana. She was a natural mother, as was Jacqueline Kennedy. I grew up basking in the glow of 'Camelot'. Beautiful, real-life fairy tales. xo

  5. What timeless photos you have shared with us, Jan. I thought of Diana the day she showed William to the world for the first time and there he was now 31 years later doing the same. Touching and heartwarming.

    I've never seen the picture of JFK, Jr.'s nursery. It could have been created today. The photo of Jackie so filled with love.

  6. I love that picture of Queen Elizabeth and Kate painting!

    It is bittersweet to think of Diana and how much she would be enjoying this moment.

  7. Great photographs! I has been such fun watching all the news today. I kind of like the name you came up with, although I am hoping for a James in there somewhere. I hope you are having a good week. Bonnie

  8. I feel like such a meanie bursting your bubble, the one of the Queen and Kate is two look-a-likes posing. There have been loads of them in the run up. The royals don't tend to do such personal photos and i'd be very impressed if the Queen was actually painting! Sorry :(