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July 11, 2013

Are you familiar with the term Steak Punk?

Steam Punk is a sub-culture movement devoted to 19th Century science fiction that prominently features elements of fantasy.  Steam Punk decor is linked to the unconventional inventions relating to steam power and the industrialization of the Victorian period in England.

Steam Punk can also be referred to as
Old World Victorian Vintage Style mixed
with Retro Futuristic Decor.
(Steam punk is so much easier, isn't it?)  

The materials used in this type of design include industrial elements such as antique brass, plumbing supplies, copper and metal, gears and watch parts, etc. 

Dirigibles and early aviation are favorite subjects among Steam Punk enthusiasts.
The loft, pictured below, was dedicated to the invention of the airship.

Theme Rooms

Have you seen Robert Downey, Jr.'s Sherlock Holmes movies?  They are a brief
glimpse into the fascinating world of Steam Punk - fantastical inventions and ideas based on some scientific facts and many educated assumptions (not to mention the suspension of disbelief!)


Many Steam Punk purists choose to live and work in old commercial
buildings that have been restored to the period in which they were built.

Others choose to adapt their contemporary surroundings
with flavors of the past, specific to the late Victorian era.

Reflecting a masculine penchant, Steam Punk
also incorporates the warm, rich textures of leather.

Dedicating your home to a specific genre or style can be quite risky.  But whether or not Steam Punk is your 'cup of tea' you have to admit that it's fascinatingly different.


  1. I don't think could live in a house styled after steam punk, but I find the clothing and paraphernalia worn by steam punk adherents absolutely fascinating.
    I've enjoyed your post, thanks.


  2. I think this look is absolutely brilliant :-)