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May 17, 2013

Weekend Project Ideas!

This is a first for fleaChic - a post devoted entirely to fashion repurposing:

J's Everyday Fashion
Do you have an older dress that you no longer wear?
Consider cutting it off and making a blouse out of it.

J's Everday Fashion
How about making a work skirt out of a party dress?  Darling!


Believe it or not, this Anthropologie-inspired skirt was
made from an old sweater.  Click here for the tutorial.

Need a cute idea for a bathing suit cover-up or maxi-skirt?
This one was made from the fabric of two different dresses.

Ever find a shirt you like but it's too large?
Shorten the sleeves and add a belt:

Every one of these darling scarfs were made from old t-shirts.
YouTube has tons of tutorials on how to do this in just minutes.

Turn a man's tie into an ascot!  Thrift shops are full of vintage
ties at ridiculously cheap prices.  Isn't this a precious idea?
Click here for the easy step-by-step tutorial.

 Shelley Smith Sinclair
Dress up a vest with a ruffle made from another piece of clothing.

Do you have an old sweater or cardigan that could
use a boost?  Cover the pockets with lace doilies:

Here's a beautiful idea for an old skirt:
Cover it with a lace tablecloth!

Thrift shop lace + a pair of old shorts = a beautiful new look!
Maybe you or a young lady in your life
would like this romantic, yet sporty, idea.

Clever Girl
Giving a pair of shorts a scalloped hem completely changes the look.

Let's take a look at some upcycled accessories:

The next time you visit a flea market or thrift shop look for vintage
necklaces you can add charms to.  These pendants were enhanced
with charms just idling in a jewelry box.
Create an entirely new necklace out of parts of old necklaces.

Recycled Fashion
Cover an old bangle bracelet in fabric and pieces of vintage jewelry.

Retail lines are starting to incorporate recycling programs.  Poketo has
created a line of accessories recycled from discarded leather sofas:
This tote was made from recycled fire hose.

I hope these fashion-forward upcycling ideas will inspire you to take a
look at your older clothing in a new way.  And, before heading to the
thrift store, shop in your own closet first.  Have a great weekend!


  1. ooh fantastic ideas... I love the doilies as pockets!

  2. Really cute ideas! Love the dresses turned into blouses and the bangle bracelet. xoxo

  3. LOVE this post! I recently bought an upcycled necklace (made from an old neck tie) from my friends shop on ETSY, and I love it! :)

  4. Very cool great ideas! Love Heather