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May 30, 2013

Sometimes you just have to ask yourself, "Is bigger REALLY better?"

I wouldn't need my glasses to tell the time from across the room.  I like it!

Is this an indoor space with a huge tree or
an outdoor space with small furniture?!

That's quite a coffee table you've got there.

You'd have to be a huge fan of royalty to collect a crown this big.

That's some lamp.

At what point do you decide to hang
mirror or let it stand on the floor?

That's a pretty large wallpaper pattern, isn't it?  Reminds me
of something I saw under the microscope in biology class.

I think you could actually rock climb on this big fireplace.

This subway station print doesn't seem that large
until you consider the size of the acrylic console.


Big letters 'R' so popular now.

Nuevo Estilo
Either those purple hurricane glass lamps are
immense or that's an exceptionally small fireplace.

Pure Home
Obviously, big purple hurricane lamps are trending and no one told me.

Are you a fan of big cats?
Big white sofa?  Big furniture cleaning bill.
What a big black and white scheme for such a small space.
Big impact fruit.
What big stacks of magazines.
(Is that Mickey Mouse in a gas mask?)
That's the biggest glass ping pong table I've ever seen.
Actually, it's the first glass ping pong table I've ever seen.
LOVE the big windows but the jury is out on the panels.
What a big bottle of Chanel for such masculine d├ęcor.
 A nice big collage of . . . . . honestly, I've got nothin'.
So what did we learn today?  I guess BIG is measured in
the eye of the beholder.  Or in the imagination of the owner.


  1. I've just spent a happy few minutes looking at your recent posts and I'm going away with a big smile on my face. Loved the before and afters.

    1. Thanks! Stop by every time . . . um, any time! -- Jan

  2. What a fun BIG post! I do love the large window with the fabulous view. The panels - not so much...

    Have a great day,

  3. Some gorgeousness there for us to look at today! Actually, I have just bought a large shabby chic clock which goes on a wall above a wood burner we have recently had installed. I love it!

  4. Is that living room with the Chanel poster Brad Pitts? Ha ha! xx

    1. Funny! It takes a very confident man to hang a huge Chanel print, doesn't it?!

  5. This cracks me up. Who would put giant glass hurricanes on a slippery bathroom sink? - among other things . . .

  6. Girl...I love you already! Yea Alabama! Your post was wonderful.....I agreed with all of your observations...:) I didn't get the memo on
    purple hurricane lamps big cats. I will happily become your newest follower...:) Can't wait to see more........Mickey Mouse with a gas mask.....too funny.....

  7. I'm totally diiging the pallet turned coffee table...very kewl!

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