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May 15, 2013

Before & After photos help get us through a mid-week slump, don't they? 
Eliesa of A Pinterest Addict tackled a major makeover with this china cabinet:
 Before:                                                        After:
Click here to check out her step-by-step photo tutorial.
Need further proof that renovated dressers make beautiful sideboards?
This pitiful chest of drawers was in very sad straits:
  Before                                                                After

A distressed corner cupboard was given a makeover with charming results:
  Before                                                                 After
The vintage club chair, below, was found at a Habitat For Humanity thrift shop:
Love Stoned

An upholstery job gave this casual chair a new life:


Sarah of Trevi Vintage Design knows her business when it comes to saving the unsave-able.  How chic is this Goodwill chest now?! 
Here's another one of Sarah's successful makeovers :

Isn't this harlequin paint treatment on an old desk enchanting?

Refunk My Junk

You're going to look twice to make sure this is the same
entertainment center when you see the 'after' results:

If you need some kitchen makeover inspiration
then take a look at these next two projects.
1.  The kitchen in this San Francisco condo was basically just a cooking nook:
The alcove walls were knocked out with amazing results.
2.  Although spacious, this next kitchen was in sore need of an update:

Design Megillah

I hope these projects provided a little interest to your Wednesday.


  1. I love lovew love the white dresser and the goodwill chest with the stripes is envy!

  2. Thanks for featuring my China Cabinet! Loving your blog!!

  3. Love all your beautiful hard work. I was looking for the tutorial for the entertainment center....can you share please? I have an old hutch I want to transform just like that. Peace love. Lulu