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May 22, 2013

Oh, Craigslist, I love you but . . . . . . 

. . . . . this is NOT an antique display cabinet.
The ad should have said: nice Queen Anne style entertainment center.

And this is NOT an antique dining room set (the decal was a dead giveaway).

Hmmm . . . a "classic antique velvet sofa"?

Again, avoid posting a photo of the manufacturer's
label when you toss around the term 'antique'.
My ad would have said:  Vintage Velvet Dream!

. . . having a hard time believing this is a "Mid-Century
sideboard" given the 1990's hardware:

Amazing!  An "antique Regent's bar" that was "made by
The Bombay Furniture Company, purchased at Kirkland's":

If you're going to say that your item is "an awesome
antique bookcase" don't post a picture of the hardware:

Nope, not a "high end antique Irish pine cabinet" as the drawers
are not dove-tailed and were put together with a staple gun:

An "antique entertainment center"?  Seriously?

But it does look like a lovely Eastlake
cabinet with a marble top.

An "antique end table"?  Hmmm. . . looks
like Ashley Furniture's 2004 collection:

"Antique Vintage Wooden Children's Chairs":

I don't think so.  Looks more like a set for Goldilocks and the three bears.

"Antique maple coffee table - REAL wood":
                              Call me a pessimist but I'm just not buying it.  Literally.

                                  "Vintage sectional sofa" - oh, no, no, no.

You can find some nice pieces of furniture at reasonable prices on
Craigslist but there should be a required tutorial for sellers which
explains the terms 'antique' and 'vintage'.  On reflection, this post
should be titled Caveat Emptor - buyer beware! 


  1. The "Goldilocks" comment really cracked me Great post!

  2. Yes, 'buyer beware'! There is no truth in advertising here! Love the 'vintage sectional' one. That one really made me laugh. xx

  3. I'm cracking up that you posted this because I've wanted to but didn't have the nerve. I'm astounded at the descriptions on Craig's List. Beautiful, antique, Pottery Barn...they are used over and over and they are just lies! I guess they use those words to catch somebody's attention but dang! Sometimes it's just ugly and there's no other way to describe it.

  4. I've never shopped on Craig's list before. By the way, love the side panel you have with pictures. Though I wish they were clickable so I could go to post they came from.

    Again, cool blog.