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May 14, 2013

This past weekend I did something that I rarely do -
I browsed in an actual retail store.  And what I saw
was so sweet - reproductions of vintage jewelry.

But I asked myself, "Why buy a reproduction when
you can have the REAL thing for much less?" So my
daughter and I drove over to the local antiques mall
and found several pieces of 60s and 70s jewelry for
$5 or less.  Sweet, indeed!

Multi-beaded chokers have made a resurgence in popularity
and add a touch of sophistication to any ensemble.

Etsy is a great source for finding vintage pieces such
as this wide Lucite bangle bracelet from the 1950s.

Coco Chanel was one of the first designers to make use of inexpensive
costume jewelry.  Brooches were some of her favorite accessories.

Remember Sarah Coventry jewelry from the 1960s and 1970s?
This amber and topaz pendant was featured in their 1975 catalog:
Collectible Jewels

This unusual lot of vintage lapel stick pins is available
on eBay for less than $10 and the shipping is free:

One of the many benefits of giving a present of vintage jewelry
is that you don't have to spend a lot of money to find a unique
gift (and no one knows how much you paid!)

Deco Net

 Ropes of vintage faux pearls and beads are still
fairly easy to find and are quite affordable.

Andrea Singarella creates new jewelry out of vintage pieces.  Her site
is a wonderful resource for one-of-a-kind gifts and beautiful accessories:

Create your own distinct style by layering several vintage necklaces: 

Other great sources for finding vintage jewelry are yard sales, estate sales,
and - believe it or not - pawnshops.  Do your homework so you'll know a
bargain when you find it.  Happy hunting!


  1. I love the vintage brooches! They can be used for so many things! Lovely photos, you have inspired me to look for vintage! xx

    1. I'm excited to see brooches coming back in style. My grandmother gave me a few before she passed away and I love wearing them - I feel as if she's right there beside me.

  2. The old pieces are so lovely.... just don't make them as nice anymore..

  3. LOVE the last necklace makes me want to go home and create one, I am always looking for vintage jewelry

    I had fun looking at all the before & after pictures