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December 20, 2012

Wouldn't you agree that Christmas is the perfect time to
flex your creativity muscles?  These folks thought so, too!

Turn an unwanted sweater and buttons
into darling little Christmas tree ornaments.

Turn your fabric scraps into darling little stuffed trees.  

Get out your glue gun and
stack those spray painted bells!

Start the kids' day off with a laugh when they come into
the kitchen for breakfast and find a refrigerator snowman.

These darling showmen are hot chocolate kits!
Baby food jars hold the cocoa, marshmallows, and
and peppermints.  Easy to make gifts and so creative.

Go to the thrift store.  Buy a Christmasy looking cup and saucer.
Turn the cup upside down, glue gun the saucer to the cup.  Add
candle.  And berries.

Find out what your best friend's favorite Christmas carol is
and make her (or him!) a special framed gift of the song.

 Pick up Parmesan cheese shakers at the Dollar Tree,
add wire hangers, a little greenery and a bell - voile! -
instant votive candle lanterns.

See?  Creativity isn't so hard when you have
excellent examples to go by.  Come on.  Get busy!


  1. Once again you have given me some wonderful ideas. I just the love Christmas tree rake and I'm seriously considering giving our fridge a makeover!

  2. Love all of these! Thanks for inspiring me!