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December 10, 2012

Did you spend the weekend battling other Christmas shoppers?

How about making one-of-a-kind gifts
for dear ones on your Christmas list?

Create a rustic key and key-hole necklace.

Plant a tiny fir in a vintage cookie tin.

Did you and someone special ever visit a park together?  Go back
and photograph the wildlife, enlarge to a print and frame it.  On the
gift card remind them of that fun day you spent together.

Flea markets and thrift shops abound with inexpensive, old utensils.
And, just about anyone can paint a small holiday scene.

Do you know someone who loves repurposing and has a pet?
Make a special food and water bowl station for their furry friend.

Here's a quick tutorial for creating
your own special snow globes:

Does that special person in your life have a passion for a specific
collectible?  Make their snow globe a little personal.

Holiday luminaries make wonderful gifts.

Maybe a friend needs to provide a holiday treat at work, school or for a
special event.  How about making the homemade goodies for them?

Leaf Cutter Designs
Money seems like an impersonal gift but coins made by
Leaf Cutter Designs will grow!  No, not into a money tree
but into plants and herbs.  The faux coins are made from
recycled material and contain seeds.  Little ones will
enjoy watching their money grow! 

Do you know someone with children who
lives in a house without a fireplace?  Make
them a Magic Santa Key which allows Ole
Saint Nick to let himself into their house!

Treat someone special to a holiday manicure!

A holiday pickle?!  Buy the silliest glass ornament you can find
and give it as a surprise gift.  The purpose:  after everyone is in bed
on Christmas Eve, a designated Pickle Person hides it on the Christmas
tree.  Before any presents are opened on Christmas morning, the pickle
has to be found. The one who finds the pickle gets to open the first present!
A holiday tradition to be remembered forever.

Today's suggestions are just a few unusual holiday gift ideas that say,
"I wanted to give you something special because you're special to me!"


  1. What lovely simple ideas. I would be so pleased to receive a tree in a vintage tin and the pickle's a fun tradition!

  2. The pickle a true German tradition but who found it first received a prize. All your recycling projects are just great.