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December 3, 2012

Let's kick off the first week of December with some holiday repurposing. . . .

. . . and we'll start with alternative Christmas tree ideas!

Decorating a vintage ladder has become a popular alternative to
having a 'real' Christmas tree.  This owner took it a step further by
adding real tree branches to the sides.

Votive candles in Mason jars add a touch
of country charm to this ladder tree.

Yes, those are bed springs.  Wouldn't
you love to see it lit up at night?

Individual rusty bed springs were wired
together to form this little primitive tree.

Scrap dowels were used to create
this funky, endearing little tree.

A vintage button card holder was
used to hold . . um. . well, stuff.
(I can't explain it - it just works!)

Go out into your garage and dig around 'til
you find your old tomato plant garden cone.
Wrap it in lights and, voile!, instant tree.

Another display rack but this one is strung
with vintage telephone pole insulators.  Cool.

Wooden spools are the basic
component of this tiny tree.

Sugar Pie Farm                                                                            For the Love of Plaid

Here are two similar ideas using old stacked oil funnels.

This is a charming idea for keeping rusty,
vintage tree stands out of the landfill.

Discarded scrap baseboard was used
to construct this tree.  Love the keys!

You'll need a pair of heavy, leather gloves to
corral barbwire into little trees, pardner!

Repurpose that first draft of a term
paper into a rolled paper tree.

Put those ribbon scraps to good use
with this darling, dainty tree idea.

The tiny tree to the right is made from stacked star fish and the
larger one in the back is composed of driftwood and sea shells.

Painted driftwood was strung together to
form this Scandinavian-inspired tree.

Whether you prefer primitive, country, or echo-modern, consider your
many options for creating your own repurposed Christmas tree.


  1. ooohhhh... wounderful works..

    Look at my post..
    I have baking dish-christmas tree ☺


  2. What fun and creative Christmas tree ideas! Thanks for sharing :)


  3. Just love the ladder idea! Fab inspirations.

  4. fantastic repurposing....I particularly like the telegraph pole insulations...pretty green!
    Bec x

  5. hi! please forgive!
    i just figured out i am not following you. but, now i am.

    great display of the oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree.


  6. These are some of the most creative Christmas trees I had ever seen! I would love to see the bedspring Christmas tree lit up at night!

  7. the telephone insulator tree is so beautiful!

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