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December 24, 2012


So many clever holiday repurposing ideas yet to enjoy:
How darling are these yard sticks cut up and shaped into stars?!

Another charming use of a yard
stick or fold-out carpenter's ruler.

You can buy old muffin tins at thrift stores for next to nothin', honey!

In need of a last minute table decoration?
Who says there isn't a use for rusty, old jar lids?!

 Not only is this Christmas light ball a beautiful
ornament, it's a great way to store the lights, too.

Think of holiday decor the next time you run
across an old suitcase at a yard sale or flea market.

Who would have thought that an old bicycle
spoke, mason jars, peppermints, and candy canes
could be repurposed into a Christmas chandalier?
Do you have any old sweaters you no longer wear?  How about
turning them into Christmas stockings or ornaments?!



 Bucket Ideas for Christmas
A country Christmas garland - what a
ingenious reuse of fabric scraps.

Bartul's Mama
This clever laundry line of advent stockings
was also created from fabric scraps.
(So precious in a nursery!)

Old sheet music can be repurposed into holiday cards,
decorations, or place cards for your dinner guests.

Looking for a way to light your walkway or drive for Santa and
guests?  These simple mason jar candles are just the ticket!

We're looked at so many clever and charming Christmas decorations this season. 
I hope you've been inspired to create a few new memories of your own.


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  1. Wonderful last minute ideas-or to do all year and have ready for next Christmas.