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December 31, 2012

As 2012 comes to a close, it's time for:

The Year's 12 Worst Decorating
Ideas and Design Concepts

No. 12
The first step is a killer.  (Guess that's
why the little chair is there.)
No. 11
No thanks, I already have a muffin top,
don't need an ottoman to remind me.

No. 10
Why do I feel as if I'm at a
luau instead of in a bathroom?

No. 9
"I TOLD my husband to measure
before he went to the appliance store."

No. 8
You might not be a great cook, but, trust me,
you need a working stove top more than you
need more speakers for your stereo.

No. 7
I like cats.  It's true - I don't have a cat but, I promise, I
really do like cats.  Just not in my bathroom, bigger than life.

No. 6
Either the kids' science project has escaped down to the
basement or you need to update your carpet.  Quickly.

No. 5

While it's sweet to have pictures of family members and friends displayed in your home, keep it to a limit and (for the love of a tape measure) hang them straight.  

No. 4
 The ad stated 'walk-up apartment'.  Didn't know that
meant an exterior staircase made out of ceiling fan blades.

No. 3
My corneas are seared.  Make it stop.

No. 2
Such potential.  Sigh.  Unless you're prepared to talk to your guests
And while you're at it, buy a bigger rug and a coffee table.

And, now, the Number One Decorating
Mistake of the Year:

(drum roll, please)

Do-It-Yourself  Faux  Painting!

Be safe this New Year's Eve
and wake up with a smile on
your face tomorrow morning!