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October 16, 2012

"Tuuuuuuuuuuuuues-dy."  That's how my 11th grade Civics teacher, Mrs. G,
pronounced Tuesday.  We use to mimic her, "It's not due Monday.  It's due

Occasionally my sister and I will call each other and say, "It's Tuuuuuuuesdy,
sister."  We're silly.  But, there's nothing silly about repurposing!

What a refreshing idea for displaying
your house's street address.


It's Overflowing
With a large wood drill bit, drill out holes
in a tree branch and insert votives. Woodsy!

Inexpensive coffee filters make great holiday wreaths.  You don't
have to waste a box of new filters - just wash and save the filters
you use throughout the year and repurpose them into a wreath.


Thanks to Janet's Decor Fun, here's a pictorial
mini-tutorial for making a coffee filter wreath:

 Clever use of an old tie as the hanger.
For different holidays, use different colored
ties - orange for the Fall, red for Christmas, etc.
You can make the wreath as 'fluffy'
or as sparse as you like.  Darling!
Do you entertain alfresco, i.e. outdoors?  How about setting
up a cutting board that collects the discarded bread crumbs
for our little feathery friends?!

Mommy's Kitchen
 While this idea isn't exactly repurposing, it's definitely cute
repackaging.  If you're thinking about making Halloween treats
consider putting together s'mores kits. 

White Ironstone Cottage
Here's a simple and charming Halloween tableau
using discarded textbooks.  Just boo-k it!

Make this a great Tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuesdy!


  1. great ideas! I love the words on the book pages!

  2. I so love the little metal buckets on either side of he wreath. Such a cute touch. Hoping you have a great day, Hazel x

  3. Love the tin bucket street numbers and the coffee filter Christmas wreath - I so have to make this for the festive season!.
    :) Tina

  4. Hello Dear Jan, For some totally stupid reason . . . I haven't visited your site in a while. Boy, have I been missing out. You have collected so very many inspiring ideas. I love the coffee filter wreaths, the make-overs, and that canning-jar-lid pumpkin is delightful. Well, I'm putting you on my front page blog-list . . . then I'll know the minute you have a new post. You'll be seeing me so often . . . that you'll probably start saying' "Well, look who the cat dragged in", LOL. Have a marvelous week. Your blogging sister, Connie :)