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October 29, 2012

Of the many earth-tone colors of Fall, which is your favorite?  Harvest Gold has always appealed me.  

Even when the weather turns dreary, autumn gold is cheerful and uplifting. . . . . .

Take a cue from Mother Nature - try a few golden
yellow accent pieces to warm up your decor.


  1. Gosh I think each and every photo is just amazing. I love the way the yellow stands out. Gorgeous!

    My personal favorite is number three - where the street is lined with yellow leaves.


  2. I was checking out the bedroom since we are doing the remodel. My walls will be what is called "Dusty Yellow" and true blue and yellow quilt. The headboard will be Old White painted picket's, like a fence. I love your post, so pretty. Mary

    1. Blues, yellows, and white are one of my favorite color combinations! It's so cheerful and refreshing - very optimistic! Send me a photo when the bedroom is finished! -- Jan

  3. I confess I have never given this colour any thought before, but after seeing these images, I am quite hooked! I love all of them. The nature scenes are breathtaking, and I have my eye on that wallpaper in the first picture. Great post.

  4. Harvest gold is a lovely Fall color and I've always liked it, especially the trees...but, harvest gold appliances from the '80s. Not so much. :)