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October 2, 2012

Growing up in 1960's tract-home suburbia, all of our neighbors lived in the same type of house we lived in - a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, one story brick rancher.   BORING!

I envied anyone who lived in a house with stairs and envisioned sliding down a bannister as the ultimate fun.  Most of the books I read (the classics, I was a nerdy kid!) featured large, multi-level homes with mysterious back staircases and dark attic passages. 

Yes, I've always been fascinated with newell posts, bannisters, landings, and beautiful stairs. . . . . . .





 Heidi Claire

S.R. Gambrel

Ivy & Piper

 Roses and Moonbeams

Houses with stairs seem to hold more secrets
and delights than regular houses, don't they?

            Halfway down the stairs
            is a stair
            where i sit.
            there isn't any
            other stair
            quite like
            i'm not at the bottom,
            i'm not at the top;
            so this is the stair
            I always

            Halfway up the stairs
            Isn't up
            And it isn't down.
            It isn't in the nursery,
            It isn't in town.
            And all sorts of funny thoughts
            Run round my head.
            It isn't really
            It's somewhere else
            -- A.A. Milne, creator of Winnie the Pooh


  1. What a beautiful post, full of inspiration. I especially love the "book case" stairs. I love the little poem from Milne, I remember this well. Love Katie xxxx

  2. Those first two staircases are wonderful, in a slightly creepy sort of way. I too love the bookcase stairs, although I am sure I would be forever stopping for a quick read!

  3. What a lovely selection of stairs, some really creative idea's. My favorite one would have to be though the white painted (slightly distressed) one.
    Magie x

  4. These are all wonderful!
    The top two, as well as the book case one are absolute stunners.

  5. Loving this post, so inspiring.. Funky Junk and Ivy & Piper's looks are definitely something I'd consider should I be lucky enough to have a staircase to decorate in the future.
    Just found your stunning blog, thank you for visiting mine and leaving a lovely comment about my thrifty find!.