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October 9, 2012

........scape, drag, scrape, scrape.......(my soapbox) ........... tap, tap, tap on the microphone.....(throat clearing).....testing, one, two, three..........

Friends, we've been Decoratingly Duped, tricked, horn-swoggled, hookwinked, bamboozled, and misled. 

"By whom?" you ask.

By Decorative Photo-shoppers, that's who.

Take a look at each stunning tableau below and see if you notice anything MISSING:








Still guessing?  Here's a tip -
look closely at these lamps:

Design Sponge

Peacock Feathers

Claudia Bryant

Kelly Wearstler

There are no cords!  How can a lamp work without a cord?!

In any of the beautiful photos above, do you see a thermostat?
A light switch?  An electrical outlet?  A return vent?

Do people even live, work, and play in these houses? 

I know, I know - staging.  Well, do you know anyone who
lives in a staged house?   I don't.

We try so hard to create the ideal home in which we want to live.
We emulate designers' layouts and schemes then wonder why
our efforts can't quite achieve that perfect image we see in
magazines and online.
Life is extension cords, cable wires, dimmer switches, and
battery rechargers.  Well, at my house is it.
(Rant is over.  Thank you for your patience!)


  1. Good catch! I didn't see that. Yes, it's much neater without cords but that's not the real world.

  2. So true, cords do spoil the picture, a necessary eveil!!!

  3. HA! So true! I was just running an extension cord under my rug (which I hate to do) but the only outlet is on the other side of the gotta live! Great post!

  4. So true, never noticed this but I'm totally with you - love this post! How on earth can we then achieve the unachievable?!!.

  5. Oh my gosh! Who knew??

    Just this afternoon I tried to take decent photos in my den and it just wouldn't work.
    I feel better!
    Thanks- I enjoyed visiting and I am a new follower.

    White Spray Paint

  6. Lol, I was thinking, dust, kids fingerprints, puppy toys? : ).. I think you are right though. No cords. Wow. Great catch! Thanks for stopping by my site as well. Always great to meet other furry pajama mammas! You should check out my alternate page, E' That's my furry pajama baby Milo's blog. Well, not a baby for long, he turns 2 on Saturday. Nice to meet ya though!

  7. OMG, that was great..Thanks for the reality check.. we are being hoodwinked!

  8. Great EYE! Reality check....yep, that's not the REAL WORLD!!! We are! Roxie

  9. hehe! I love it... once you siad lamps I guessed cordds but all the way through thought 'no-one lives in any of these show homes'! What's missing are signs of life!!

    Just popping by to say hello! and follow! Great post- am off to nosey around the rest :) Hazel x

  10. Not many doors in those pics either. Great reality check, just like airbrushed models!

  11. Great post !
    Thanks for your interest in my blog :-)
    Nice evening,

  12. LOL. That's funny. My bedroom has lamps that are not plugged in for the same reason, but there is overhead lighting and another lamp, so it's fine. I could run extension cords, under and behind, but it seems more trouble than it is worth because I have an iron bed and can't read in it any way. What's funny is my mom came to visit and tried to turn the bedside lamps on, and I had to tell her they were too pretty to part with. I could get some outlets added, but it wouldn't be easy in a house made of block.

    1. Wish we could invent a devise that allowed us to completely remove lamp cords and use batteries to run our lamps! Clap on, clap off! LOL

  13. OK - I see it now. I'm not too sure how that is possible - I think that is the's not - all staged for beauty I'm guessing.

    Nina x

  14. Since I have been guilty of Photo Shopping cords and other things out of the photos on my blog, I'm guessing this is what the photographers of these photos did. It can cover a multitude of "sins". Once I even took a whole corner of a frane on the wall behind what I was photographing because it messed with the composition. If I'd noticed ahead I would have just removed the photograph from the wall, but hindsight is more often 20/20.

  15. You are brilliant!
    I never would have noticed.
    Now ... I'll be looking all the time

  16. Hi -- me again.
    Your word verification gave me one word, and a weird picture in which I eventually deciphered the number "5."
    I have never used word verification on my blog, and with Blogger's spam filter, I get perhaps 3 or 4 spam messages a month, which are caught and I delete -- and they never see the light of day.
    You will definitely increase your comments if you make it easier for readers!

  17. Absolutely right. I've noticed that about lamp cords too. And now with computers, cable, modems, etc., etc., I feel like my house is overrun by cords. In addition, there is never any clutter or dog hair in those photos. My house always has dog hair, no matter how hard I try to keep it clean.