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October 4, 2012

Do you get a tingle when you hammer a nail
into the wall to hang a favorite painting, print, mirror or etching?

Wall art is one of the most personal decorating accessories you choose and reveals more about you than just about anything else in your home.

I've written about the gallery format before and it's still one of
the most interesting approaches for hanging art.


   Blue Print Bliss

                                                                                         Faucher Artists


  Steven Sclaroff

                                                                                                                                           Laura Resen

The gallery format not only allows you to incorporate original
art and prints in a wide variety of shapes and frames, it's ideal
for filling a large expanse of wall.  Plus, you can use the art you
already have - so economical!


  1. I love looking at what other people want on their walls, I think it tells us so much about them. Some people are very good at displaying their treaures and the little vignettes they create are fabulous.

  2. Beautiful, lovely images! I have lots of pictures all over the house,l but had never thought to hang them together like this. It is very effective and, of course, means that I can now have lots more by doing it this way!

    1. Absolutely experiment with displaying your art in the gallery format - as you can see by the photos the mix-and-match combinations are so interesting.

  3. What a beautiful collection of gallery walls. I feel truly inspired to try a gallery wall of my own now.