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October 23, 2012

To some people it might appear that I'm lollygagging (my grandmother's term) at the beach.  Not true.  I'm blogging AND lollygagging at the beach 'cause I'm a multi-tasker.

Don't you love vintage beach ephemera?  Pages out of textbooks like the one to the left make beautiful framed prints. 

"Where is the best place to find such books?" you ask.  Library and school bazaars and fundraising events, that's where.  Call your local library and find out when their next book sale will be held. 

In the meantime, let's enjoy more clever repurposing:

Weathered, discarded boards make beautiful art project
material.  Isn't this a charming freestyle sunset?

Aren't these candle seashells darling?  Simply melt down used
candles and pour into shells for instant beach lighting.

Do you have a teen or young person in your life who dreams
of travel and adventure?  How about decoupaging a map over
a large letter of their name?  Makes a great gift.

This old wood milk bottle crate was hung on
the wall and is being used as a wine rack.


Do you have baseballs or softballs that your children or grandchildren
used?   Painting baseball bats and mounting them with the balls in a
shadow box to make an American flag will be a cherished heirloom.

Willem Heeffer
Designer Willem Heeffer ingeniously recycled empty oil drums
by converting them into industrial restaurant light fixtures.

Artist/designer Erik R. Davis has found
ingenious uses for used car tags.

Have an old car tag?  How about turning it into a planter?

Such a clever clock - made with a bicycle wheel!

This beautiful art was created out of
a recycled computer circuit board.

Can you guess what this cute headband stand is
made from?  A cardboard oatmeal container!  
                         Step 1.  Go to Goodwill or your favorite thrift store.
                         Step 2.   Buy a used metal grater (probably for $1!)
                         Step 3.  Spray paint it and glue-gun hooks to make feet.
                         Step 4.  Organize your earrings.  So cute!
You can use out-of-style suit jackets to make 'manly' throw pillows.
Debbie of Confessions of A Plate Addict presents another darling
pumpkin created out of an orange dyed sweater.  Burlap twine
was used for vine curls and pages out of an old dictionary
provided the paper leaves.
All of these projects are so clever and inspiring that I just might
leave the beach and head into town to scope out the local thrift stores.


  1. You gathered some really great ideas. I love the earring grater and the oatmeal canister and the shell drawings.

  2. I NEED to make seashell candles like that... What a great idea!

  3. Those were great ideas I had never seen before.

  4. You sure have found some clever ways to repurpose these items! The headband stand and grater are awesome.

  5. Those great idea. You have a new follower from Chile