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October 18, 2012

Nothing says EMPTY NEST more
than an unused basketball net.
Yes, there are a few positives about being an empty nester - your spare time is mostly your own now, the house suddenly seems larger, and, in the dog's mind, he definitely gets bumped up on the Chain of Command.  But empty nests seem so much emptier around the holidays, don't they?  

Here are some inexpensive DIY Halloween ideas that I wish I had seen when my children were growing up:

Construction paper and frames you probably
already have make a darling Halloween galleerie.

Black construction paper and scissors are all
you need to make startling Starling silhouettes.

How darling are these plastic mice?

With any party theme, votives are
your most economical friend!

Easy, easy, easy and so dramatic!

Just about any pillow can temporarily be converted into a
Halloween-themed cushion with felt, scissors and imagination.

Green Kool-Aid makes great potions!

Get in the Halloween spirit by doing something silly
that your family or co-workers wouldn't expect!

A garden glove wrapped in gauze
makes a convincing mummy's hand.

Black pipe cleaners, lolly pops, and
googly eyes - BAM, instant spiders!

What trick-or-treater wouldn't love to receive
candied bats?  It's all in the presentation!

I was going to have Bob take down the basketball net but,
on second thought, it does look a little Halloweenish, doesn't it?


  1. I L O V E those - my grandson lives with us and I am going to pick a couple to make with him. Thanks.

  2. I really like the mice in the pumpkins. That is so clever.

  3. That pumpkin with the mice peeking through is precious! I wish I could make that here, but it would rot in a couple of hours. Plastic would not have the thickness.

    All of the ideas are great!

  4. Good Morning, I just love the pumpkin with the mouse holes-awesome! Candy corn-yum! What cool ideas. Anna

  5. What a fun post! So many wonderful ideas. I love the candy corn wreath and the tootsie pop spiders . . . how cute is that! Your post made me think that maybe someone needs to start thinking about ways to recycle old basketball hoops :)

    Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for sharing.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  6. All clever ideas ... ! Nice to see them all in one spot.

  7. Hi Jan! Love your blog and I think I'm going to have to do that mice in a pumpkin idea! Thanks for sharing and for stopping by my blog!!

    - Crystal