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September 7, 2012

While the Northern Hemisphere awaits the Official Arrival of Fall
on September 22nd, for me Fall began yesterday.   Because? 

My Restoration Hardware Fall 2012 Catalog arrived in the mail!
"What's The Look for Fall?" you ask.
Textural Sleek Sophistication!
'Official' sources (such as RH's catalog) are validating what the
rest of us already knew - industrial chic is cool and interesting. 

               Imagine the sleek, clean lines of the 1930s tinged with a masculine
               industrial influence.  The textures are a mixture of metalic, leather,
               and linen.

 Is 'masculinely feminine' an oxymoron?! 

Accessories are BIG and BOLD.

Linen lamps cast an almost ethereal glow to a room.

Isn't this airplane-inspired metal desk amazing?
While not exactly monochromatic, Fall's color scheme is
muted and subdued in shades of greys, blues, and creams.

Restoration Hardware's catalogs are coffee table-worthy and make for
a fascinating read.  You can also view their new collections online, too.
Regardless of how you spend your weekend, make it fun!


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  2. Oh, I'm so in love with RH and was just checking out their stunning baby rooms the other day! Thanks for the share. The look is so masculine this year! Not sure how I feel about that...

    1. I'm uncertain about the manliness of it all - kind of sparse and uncomplicated which can be fun. But, I love the Industrial influences.

  3. Sarajan, I left you a reply on my blog. I enjoyed your posts on Restoration Hardware and befores and after. We were just on an antique buying trip, and anything industrial was difficult to win the bid on. I enjoy some of it, but I would not want an entire look of it in my own home. I found a few good stools, and a metal tea cart. I hope to post some pictures of them at the show.