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September 9, 2012

     For almost 3 weeks I've been posting from the beautiful State of Minnesota.
     Before I bid adieu I'd just like to say two words:

Farm Chic!

I love barns with a face, don't you?!




          While driving down a country road I did a u-turn and drove back to take
          a look at these two vintage tractors.  The farmer assured me that they
          were, "in fine working condition."  When I asked if I could photograph
          them for my blog, he scratched his head and looked a little confused.
          After explaining what a blog was, he readily agreed.  I can only imagine
          the conversation around his dinner table that night!
Wouldn't it be fun to buy this abandoned, run down
feed store and turn it into a weekend retreat?

In 1861, Minnesota formally adopted    the French phrase "L'Etoile du nord"
(The Star of the North) as the official State motto.  They chose well.

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  1. Oh my gosh now I'm dying to go to Minnesota - loving those barns and tractors! I'm in VA so it's a long way out there, but I want so badly to visit all the states out that way. Thanks for sharing the pics - thanks for your visit to my blog, too, and for following. I'm already following you. Hugs ~ Mary