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September 25, 2012

I'm not getting anything done today, just not motivated.
Maybe viewing some Before & After projects will inspire me.

One of the cutest blogs on the 'net is Sawdust & Embryos.  You've got to visit their site and meet Beth and Nick and their adorable twin girls.  HOW does a mother of toddlers have time for renovations?!  Take a look at a couple of their latest projects:

    Before:                                                       After:

Wow, what a transformation.  The drawers were resurfaced and
stained different colors.  The overall effect is charming.
 The dresser, below, was sanded and painted.  Then, using an overhead
projector, the stencil pattern was hand-painted onto the drawers.  SO cute! 

   Before:                                                             After:
Sawdust & Embryos

 Another site with a treasure trove of refinished Mid-Century Modern pieces is Flourish and Blume:
   Before:                                                        After:
   Before:                                                         After:
   Before:                                                          After:

Before:                                                         After:
Amazing, right?  Visit Flourish and Blume to view more photos on these projects.

Bedroom makeovers are so interesting.  Here's a great example of a successful re-do:

You know that I'm often against painting beautiful wood but, in this case, I approve!

                                                A Girl & A Brush

 Well, I do feel a little motivated.  A trip to the thrift shop is in order.
Now, where are my keys?


  1. Wow, some of these are amazing transformations! Gets me motivated to start a project :)
    Thanks for sharing!


  2. I still can't believe people can do this. Amazing.

    1. Right?! I'm so envious of people who have the talent to envision what the project will look like when finished before they even get started. Creativity is an awesome trait to have.

  3. I particularly like the bedroom, the new look makes it appear so much more cosy. I also think the white drawers are utterly gorgeous. I am in awe of all these makeovers.

  4. thanx soo much for stopping by my blog! cant wait to sit a bit and read some of yours!
    i wish i had some talent to envision.. always find even picking colors for a quilt or a rug so hard. i need to cover some seat covers on my new/old dining chairs but havent yet... fun to see what others accomplish tho! enjoy your day!

  5. amazing transformations ... such a shame that most of us (myself very much included) lack the vision to see sad old bits of furniture as anything but sad ... makes me feel quite useless ... grrrr