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September 4, 2012

My Minnesota State Fair Experience

As relayed to you last week, I had the privilege of attending my first ever State fair.  It was everything I had imagined it would be - fun rides, delicious food, beautifully judged arts and crafts, delicious food, darling farm animals, delicious food, games and prizes, and, oh, yeah, LOTS of delicious food.  (Anything you could imagine served on-a-stick!)

The sheep, above, isn't wearing a hoody because he's chilly - he's being kept clean for the judging.  Don't you think this chicken should be named Cruella DeVille?  Never knew such exotic hens existed.  A randy rooster started crowing and set the whole building of roosters to crowing! It was a cacophony of poultry participants.
Deep fried candy bars - where have you been all my life?!


One of the highlights of the day was viewing the Fine Arts and Crafts Exhibition.  The judged submissions were amazing.  Here are just a few:

Wunder-Wheel (Church Series V) by Kyle Fokken, Minneapolis
Class 2, Sculpture; Materials: Steel, Wood, and Found Objects

Skier by Thomas Alan Page, Cohasset
Class 2, Sculpture; Material: Cast Bronze

Technicolor Dreamcoat by Cynthia W. Forsgren, Bloomington
Class 7; Material: Fabric


Titled Piano Man, this sculpture is comprised entirely of piano parts!  Created
by Allen D. Christian, Minneapolis, it was awarded Honorable Mention.

Midnight Music Mime by Gary R. Carlson won several
awards in the Mixed Media Sculpture category.

 Red Cloud was carved from marble by Douglas Bieniek, of Duluth.
Like several other submissions it was for sale.  As much as I admired it,
I just couldn't afford the $16,500 price tag. 

Smocking, embroidery, cross-stitch, knitting, weaving - every type of
needlework and thread craft projects you can imagine were submitted.


Many organizations, including The Weavers Guild of Minneapolis and the Wood Carvers' Association, gave demonstrations throughout the day. 

Some of the most beautiful hand-stitched quilts I have ever seen
were displayed behind protective glass.  Blue ribbons abounded.

It was with happy hearts, full bellies, and tired feet that we bid adieu
to the Minnesota State Fair. . . . til next year!


  1. It looks like everything was of an exceptionally high standard, some of the Fine Arts and Crafts are incredible.

    1. Oh my gosh - the MN State Fair! It's the classic Minnesota summer experience. It looks like you had a grand time!

  2. I do not understand your comment on the marble bust of Red Cloud. Do you mean to say because you can't afford it it is somehow diminished?