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September 24, 2012

Happy Monday!   Let's start the week with some ingenious repurposing.

Thrift shops are teeming with neglected silver plated serving pieces at very reasonable prices.  What a beautiful way to display succulents and other small plants. 
A little bird told me it's easy to organize your earrings!

I love this idea for repurposing sweaters.  If you don't want to carve up your
own sweaters, you'll find zillions of them at yard sales and thrift stores.    
Here's another twist on using sweaters and leftover fabric to
create holiday decor.  Don't have an orange sweater?  Dye a white one:

 Are you looking for an organic, beautiful, and unusual headboard?
Visit a sawmill and ask for an unused end piece.  Cleaned, shellacked
and left in its natural state, you'll have an exquisite heirloom piece
that will serve you for generations.
It's hard to have a repurposing post without including a recycled pallet.  Add
industrial casters and your 'instant bed' is portable.  Take advantage of the view!


  1. Great idea on the sweater pumpkins - I have two that are on my 'cut up" list ;-)

    1. This morning I popped into one of my fave thrift stores and their sweaters were 50% off. Well, as you can imagine, I left with a bagful!

  2. The 'jumper pumpkins' are so cute and I love that headboard idea. M x

  3. I have lots of succulents and a few silver pieces I never use. That is about to change.

  4. hi- I just came over to say hi, and thanks for following my blog.

    I love the re-purposed jumpers but its so chilly here at the moment as we head full pelt into autumn that I'm afraid I'm not giving up ANY of mine at the moment!

    I'm pleased to say that I've been to Florida; we went year-before-last to stay with family in SC and drove to Florida for the weekend- sad to say I cannot remember which part but guess it was the nearest to SC. We found a perfect old diner for breakfast, just as I had imagined them to be and drove home in the most gigantic electrical storm I've ever seen- scary but literally electrifying!

    Wishing you a good week ahead

  5. Lots of cool ideas! The succulents look so adorable! Love the Birdcage idea too. I think cages can look so beautiful anyway you use them.