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September 26, 2012

Do-It-Yourself projects are financially smart.  And, how about that
feeling of self-satisfaction from knowing you made something cool?
If you can tie a bow you can make this beautiful wreath:
When visiting a thrift shop or flea market do you take the time to look
through the sewing and craft supplies?  Often we focus on furniture or
collectibles and ignore ribbons and fabric.  Next time take a few minutes
to dig through the notions.  Most spools of ribbon are priced at $1 or less.
Want to wow your guests at your next party?
Make a serving bowl out of chocolate!
Tip:  don't forget to set the balloon in the refrigerator for a few
minutes between each drizzle and after removing the balloon.
Rose Cottage                                                                                                                               This Ivy House
          Looking for a unique gift for that hard-to-shop-for friend?  Purchase an
          antique key and mount it in a beautiful frame with sheet music or poetry
          for backing.  Totally charming and so fleaChic!
Do you have an old galvanized bucket or tub?
Use it for a casual seasonal arrangement.
I took the photos, above, at an apple orchard in Minnesota and
was completely charmed by their simple, outdoor arrangements.
Hope today's short post will inspire you to take on a new DIY project.


  1. I am so loving your re-purpose message! I preach this to so many. Your blog is great!

    1. Thanks! Repurposing makes more sense now than ever, doesn't it?

  2. Love your blog! Great ideas! I'm going to follow so I don't miss out. : )