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February 24, 2012

Watching our pennies

A friend recently said, "Things are so tight, even our piggy bank is on a diet."

In today's economy we're all watching our nickels and dimes more carefully.  As the cost of the 'basic essentials'  goes up, it can be hard to find money for a decorating budget.

The philosophy behind fleaChic has always been Re-do, Re-use, Recycle.  I'm proud to have coined a new word:  Repurposefulness. 

Here are some ordinary items that were repurposed in clever and thrifty ways:

Designer Marguerite Moulin framed her grandmother's
vintage hankerchiefs to create this charming grouping.

The 'art' below is actually the envelope from an
ancestor's letter that was blown up and framed:

Another personal presentation is this enlarged
sheet music from the homeowner's wedding!

Create your own work of art with
materials lying around the house. 

Turn an old spice tin into a useful refrigerator magnet!

Rashon Caraway, aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting
combined two of my favorite activities -
Before & After and Repurposing:
BEFORE - an art easel from a thrift store 

AFTER - the easel became its own useful
work of art and is now a TV stand:

We're all not lucky enough to own vintage wooden buckets but these make darling lamps.

Caster wheels were added to a rough shipping crate to make a portable coffee table.
LOVE the re-claimed wood chair, too.

Here's another photo of a small crate being used as a coffee table.  Thrifty, clever, and fleachic!

A simple, painted boat oar became a
handrail for the entrance to a lake home.

People often think that antique and vintage pieces are
delicate and should be admired but not used.  Hogwash! 
This mail sorter has been put to work holding family
items that are easily misplaced.

A desk drawer was turned into a bedside
shelf, the perfect perch for night time reading.

Laura at Decor to Adore was sent a cigar box
from a relative with the challenge to make 
something unique and charming with it.  She did!

Laura decided to make the cigar box an homage to
William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.  She lined the
box with a yellowed page from the play that she found
in an old poetry book.  She included a small picture of
the famed poet, two inexpensive little figurines that she
found on eBay, and a doll house cupboard containing tiny
items to represent the young lovers' troubles.  Sortilège!

Laura's delightful project should encourage us to think 'outside the box' when it comes to reusing, recycling, and repurposing everyday items.  Put your creativity to work and have a wonderful weekend!

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